Coyote and victim take a stroll through Silver Lake

A Silver Lake resident named Melissa was driving to work early Monday when she caught sight of a coyote – with a small animal in its jaws – trotting on Benton Way near Berkeley Avenue.  Melissa recorded a brief video as the coyote darted across a lawn, down a sidewalk and up a hill.

“Looks like a neighborhood cat in that coyote’s mouth. A friend of mine who jogs at the reservoir says she sees them down there regularly… Yikes.”


  1. oh no! one of my favorite strays had a cold and i was going to catch him and take him to the vet. but i haven’t seen him lately… hope that’s not him!

    cats have no business being outdoors in this neighborhood. an indoor/outdoor cat is a coyote’s dinner for sure.

  2. I lost a cat to coyotes — they dragged him right out of the driveway one morning. Now my remaining cat only gets to poke around the front porch in mid day.

    And I also often see brazen coyotes at the reservoir. Saw one this morning as I was running with my two large dogs. It looked at us coolly, and then trotted away, apparently not at all concerned about us

  3. These nasty animals should be destroyed before they claim more of our precious pets. Perhaps a bounty could be placed on them. It could have the added benefit of offering useful activity to the shiftless youth of Silverlake and neighboring Echo park–a welcome alternative to gangbanging and “futbol”, if you like.

  4. Coyotes were eastsiders long before the rest of us.

  5. We found some remains of a dark gray cat that morning on our front lawn on Benton Way. We are hoping to find the owners so they can be aware about their cat’s fate.

  6. Awesome racism Donald.

    I tend to see the coyotes at night, like after 10pm.

  7. I agree with Donald. If these aimless coyotes could learn futbol, I’d have my cats stay outside all night! As it is, they’re staying INSIDE with the LIGHTS ON! And oh yeah, my cat CAN’T PLAY! Now OR later!

  8. Actually, there were no coyotes in California, until after it was settled.

  9. “It could have the added benefit of offering useful activity to the shiftless youth of Silverlake and neighboring Echo park–a welcome alternative to gangbanging and “futbol”, if you like.”

    I would think that futbol is a great alternative to gangbanging. if I’m wrong, we should dismantle the American Youth Soccer Organization.

  10. Donald, instead of complaining about coyotes and Latino youth, you should get your big fat racist, heartless behind out and join those shiftless youth out on the futbol field and get your flabby body in shape, maybe that will help your lost soul. Also, coyotes have every right to survive as you and your cats. All creatures are a wonderment, with the exception of some humans.

  11. on this block of benton is an older woman who feeds a lot of stray cats– i would not be surprised if it was one of them because there are at least 10 there. We live the block below and see coyotes quite often… there used to be a family of them living in the abandoned house on the angelus stair street. i certainly do not feel the need to terminate them….just keep an eye on your cats & small dogs

  12. I think the coyotes should have to carry ID and show their papers if asked.

  13. There are packs of them roaming the hills. Check out hollywoodcritters.blogspot.com for video footage that someone has been taking in the hills.

  14. I love the coyotes and find them a delight in our neighborhood. My cat lives happily and safely indoors.

  15. (Hey Eastsider just flag Donald’s comment so we can get back to the blog of the coyote!)

    Keep your pets inside if they are small ’cause coyotes are just part of our fauna here in this area and have been here for a pretty long time. The owners of those pets should feel guilty for not taking the precautions necessary to protect them from outside threats.

  16. I think it’s probably ok if you leave your cats and small dogs out at night. With the gate unlocked. You shouldn’t worry, they’re safe.

  17. Sorry, guys. I thought the sarcasm and irony was a less obscure part of my post. I like to poke a little fun at the gentrification process in neighborhoods like Echo Park, and this was my lame attempt. I can’t help but snicker when reading our 21st century homesteaders complain not just about the natives playing futbol in their parks or sneaking in the front door to make off with laptops but about the savage fauna as well. It all sounds so familiar.

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