Coyotes join people and pooches for a stroll around the Silver Lake reservoirs

Koreatown resident Raena Valenzuela was out for a walk around the Silver Lake and Ivanhoe reservoirs last night when she spotted not one but four coyotes

“I went walking yesterday and noticed 4 coyotes playing in the newly fenced off area. Pretty shocking, considering it was around 7ish and there were people and dogs everywhere.”

The fenced off area she refers to is the Silver Lake meadow taking shape on the east side of the Ivanhoe reservoir. Anyone know if coyotes call that wooded area home or were they just visiting?

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Photo of Bolsa Chica coyote by Teddy Llovet/Flickr


  1. Don’t know if this helps, but I saw 3 coyotes roaming around the reservoir near the park at about 2am last night while walking my dog. It seemed like they were just looking for food and making their rounds.

  2. They are a common site around the reservoir, and completely fearless. I’ve seen them come right up to the fence.

    in other news, the raised walkway prototype on Tesla has been dismantled, as have the preliminary support structures that were built. guess it will be a while before we get that path.

  3. Yes, have seen them multiple times, and as Billy said, they’re pretty fearless. Keep your dog on a leash!

  4. I have been seeing coyotes in there since the mid 90’s

  5. This morning (8:05)i saw a big coyote right outside of my place.Los Feliz(Franklin Ave)

  6. I walk around the reservoir at least 4 times a week at varying times of day and night, but mostly at night.

    Families of coyote have lived in there for years. Yes, they have dens in the wooded area.

    They are out both day and night. I have seen them numerous times on the grass in the meadow during the day. When I walk at night I would say that I see one around 40-50% of the time. No exaggeration.

    At night they are all over the place. I see them running along the edge of the reservoir, on the grass by the rec center, in the wooded area behind the fence on Armstrong (most often),etc. etc. I have even seen them dodging traffic right there crossing Silver Lake Blvd.

    I agree with Billy, they are pretty fearless. They seem to have lost their natural fear of man after all these years of urban living. I don’t really feel threatened by them (mostly because I am not walking a small dog) but they definitely startle me when they seem to come out of nowhere.

  7. There are quite a few groundhog-looking critters with burrows in the dirt bordering the reservoir. They tend to pop out of their burrows around dusk, so it could be that the coyotes are hunting them. They don’t seem to be very interested in people, at least during the run-ins I’ve had with them while walking, though obviously the difference between a groundhog and a, say, yorkshire terrier is lost on coyotes.

  8. In general, coyotes are kind of afraid of humans and will rarely attack. If they do, loud noises will scare them, and don’t run, just place your arms over your head to make yourself look bigger and taller in a claw form, ( i know it sounds silly but it works). When they see you are not backing down. Don’t show any fear, or start screaming, they know when you are scared… But always take a stick or something when jogging at night.. or a small rock just in case. and if you do use the rock, don’t throw it at the coyote, aim it farther then where the coyote is standing…. that way it thinks its something behind it, and will shoo it away….

  9. I just hope they don’t start an illegal swap meet at the reservoir on Sundays.

  10. @Ben HAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!! that’s hilarious…

  11. Odd that these animals are tolerated in Silver Lake. I would like to see some kind of eradication program put in place. After all, we are not living in nature here, people. I have cats and a small dog!

  12. The two adults that have been living in the wooded area on the east side of the reservoir (for the past few years) had three pups in the spring. You can always see them in the early a.m., and sometimes at dusk.

    In fact, a bunch of them were still up at 7:30 this morning… roaming around the hill inside the fence.

    If you live near the rez… keep your cats inside at night. We are living in nature…

  13. @jordan – I hope you are joking/making an incendiary comment. I will assume you are.

  14. I am a longtime Silver Lake resident and there is a reason why the coyote problem is greater than in past years. Many years ago, the LA Animal Services department trapped coyotes (mostly inside the reservoir gates, where many of them live) and destroyed them. There was an outcry from the humane organizations, and trapping was outlawed. So we now have this proliferation of them. An additional problem is caused by people leaving pet food out. I’ve seen many people who even purposely leave food out for the coyotes, and think that’s ok. It’s not.

    They have no qualms about going after a small dog or cat. I knew the wildlife officer who used to trap them many years ago, and he said the number of cat skeletons in the reservoir was very high. Silver Lake needs to be an indoor cat area!

  15. I’m afraid that a large number of the missing cat signs I’ve seen around the neighborhood may be related to this. I’ve got zero problem with coyotes being in the area, mind you. But people need to keep their cats indoors, or at the very least if they put them outdoors they can’t let them roam around at will, they need to keep an eye on them.

  16. Now I know these coyotes are hungry and I think it’s very nice of Jordan to offer his cats and dogs as snacks, but I think we’re missing the bigger picture here. Why are these cats taking up with coyotes? They’re not very attractive, at least compared to squirrels and ferrets. My fear is that these super-breed cross coyote/cats will start roaming the reservoir during the weekend and demand some of my powerbar whether I like it or not! I’ve got a porch swing and not a day goes by that some lay-about coyote dad will drop by and swing for hours until he gets some noodles. Enough already!

  17. Okay. I am now officially in love with Joan.

  18. Let’s be 100% clear here: these coyotes are criminals and deserve to be treated as such. I want to see them taken into custody, brought to trial and serving hard time in state prison with all of the other felons. Enough is enough.

  19. Thanks to all of you for giving us a refreshing, amusing thread. It sure makes a pleasant change from the vitriol flowing on some of the other ones.

  20. Yep, that’s their home. The other Saturday morning, my dog and I were walking along the path on Armstrong, and saw a pup and an adult coyote sound asleep just inside the fence, not six feet away. My dog went nuts, but the pup barely cracked one eye open and went back to napping. They were probably sleeping off a big meal of neighborhood cats (poor kitties – stupid owners).

    Hey, it’s their world, and we’re just living in it.

  21. I live on sunset drive just up from talmadge ave and I have seen a coyote in my backyard three different times in the last month. Scary and they are not timid and my neighbors have seen one pacing on my garage at seven thirty on a Wednesday night. I have a small dog and am quite nervous about the situation. My neighbor lost her dog about two months back. Please be aware and extra careful with your pets.

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