Echo Park: Still living the Vida Loca

LAPD police helicopter over Echo Park.Police squad cars and a helicopter responded to reports of shots fired in the northern part of Echo Park  and Elysian Heights tonight but found no evidence of a shooting, according to an officer with the Northeast Division. A few Echo Park residents with Twitter accounts reported hearing several loud shots at about 10:30 P.M.:

“Just heard what sounded like AK-47 gun shots in Echo Park near Valentine St. Now the helicopters are overhead. Anyone know what’s going on?”, said a Twitter user identified as Karen X Fritsche.

“There were definitely loud gunshots near echo park and Avalon,” said Tanya Sakolsky in Twitter post.

The shots and police response came only about two hours after Mi Vida Loca, the 1993 movie about women and Echo Park gangs, was screened outdoors at the corner of Echo Park and Delta avenues.


  1. I was just woken up by someone trying to get in my house and running through my yard. Shortly after I heard the ghetto birds fly over.

  2. Dog Gone Walking: where do you live? that’s creepy! glad you’re ok.

  3. Dog Gone Walking:

    Yikes! Were you able to get a shot off, at least.

    (Never heard of helicopters being called ghetto birds, but it’s an accurate description. Ghetto birds hunting ghetto rats.)

  4. It sounded like between 12-18 shots and now all I can think is that those bullets all landed somewhere. If not in someone (thankfully), then in a house, or car, or tree.
    After almost 15 years in EP, I’ve felt pretty desensitized to all the “shots fired” – even rolling my eyes a bit when people moved in and complained about one in-the-distance gunshot, but really, how ridiculous – every single shot fired has a terrible potential outcome.

  5. I’m on Echo Park and Ewing. Right around the corner from the alleged shots. I first heard of Ghetto Birds when I moved to LA. Can’t remember how or when I heard them called ghetto birds but it stuck.

  6. Blooming In Echo Park

    Boombala – I had the same thought – So many bullets and they all ended up somewhere. I live 2 blocks from where they suspect the shots were coming from and it was LOUD and SCARY. The shiver that runs through you when one gunshot echoes through the canyon is one thing, the unloading of an entire clip from an automatic weapon 2 blocks from where your 2 year old is fast asleep, throws you into panic mode. The only thing that firing a gun can create is destruction. I wonder how that person would feel if I stood outside their house with their child, mother or grandfather sleeping inside and I started shooting. I’m guessing it wouldn’t go over well…But wait, they would have a gun, so they’d probably just shoot me to get me to stop.
    In reality, since the only thing I have to protect my family is a 12 year old hard of hearing dog, there’s no way to feel safe because I am reminded how unbalanced the situation is. And that pisses me off MORE! I don’t wanna feel like I should own a gun too but sometime on night’s like last night, I almost feel like I should just in case…Because obviously the other guy does.
    An individual that takes a chance like firing a gun off in a neighborhood, must be the most ignorant, self-loathing, cowardly person there is. But they probably woke up this morning thinking they are invincible because last night no one got hurt (so far as I know anyway) but nobody is lucky all the time. And if you play Russian Roulette with the safety of an entire community, you’re luck is going to run out much sooner than later.

  7. Yup, heard ’em, too… I thought they were in the park, but scary that they were down on EP. BTW Ghetto Bird came into use around the riots, I think. i think there is even a song by Ice Cube. There used to be alot more….

  8. There were 5 to 6 shots fired up Ewing St from Echo Park Ave. Two cars with only one firing the shots.
    Shortly after the possible targets got in cars and headed out.
    Police showed up about 2 to 3 minutes after but were not here long.

  9. Petunia Worldwide

    “Ghetto Bird” is Ice Cube song, that’s how I heard it

  10. Between the sounds of trigger happy officers at the nearby police academy and gangsters shooting their guns in the air I’ve gone numb to the sound of shots. Maybe that’s the affect of living in this town for 25 years? I wasn’t there I missed the sound of the ghetto celebrity in this town know as the ghetto bird.

  11. Really? No one ever heard “ghetto bird” before this or Ice Cube? The term has been around forever (or at least since the 80s). And I grew up in suburbia. Funny.

  12. yes the term ghettobird is nothing new.

  13. I thought there was almost a full round on baxter, then the car turned onto ep and there were more shots at Ewing. That’s what I thought I heard, outside and very close.

  14. There have been multiple shots fired on the west side of the lake, too, at what seems like a location right near Glendale Blvd. between Santa Ynez and Kent. Lots of shots get fired at a time, the G-birds are frequently dispatched, etc. I finally called the cops myself a few nights ago, and they came, but nothing happened.

    There were shots again around 6 this morning, and also about an hour ago–again, shrieking car, looming Bird, but I don’t know what’s going on.

    Kind of makes me think twice whenever I stroll down to the lake…?

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