How many grapes can a Ford F150 pick-up hold?

The back of a fire-engine red F150 parked at the corner of Echo Park Avenue and Sunset Boulevard was loaded with 2,000 pounds of grapes from Indio, said one of the men trying to sell the grapes on Saturday afternoon for $1 a bag.


  1. Don’t you need a city permit to sell grapes on the street? How do we know these grapes won’t make us sick? What if the vendor is an illegal immigrant? Won’t this hurt grape sales at our neighborhood Vons?

  2. And how do we know that these “grapes” are really what they’re claimed to be? I know illegal immigrants love selling drugs and stealing things. I wouldn’t be surprised if these “grapes” were really green and purple packets of stolen drugs getting sold to our kids at a discount! That way they avoid that whole permit problem, and we kind of expect them to make us sick, you know, because they’re drugs. Also, if I had that much drugs in my truck, I would obviously put a tarp over them.

  3. what if i eat a grape and i birth an alien the next day ?

    they are not really grapes, but they contain micro – chips so the government will follow my every move!

    if you eat those foreign grapes i will automatically start speaking spanish !

    paranoid people !


  4. I’m really surprised that people who chose to live in this side of the City (be it Echo Park, Highland Park, whatever) would complain about “illegal immigrants” or other people selling stuff without “permits”. Seriously, people. This part of the City moves to a different beat. It has for a very long time. Most of the neighborhood not only tolerates street vending, but likes it. Yes, we like it — to a point. We drew a line with the swap-meet at the Lake every Sunday, but we kind’a enjoy the rest of it. So, seriously, this is kind’a the wrong website for you, if your aim is to complain about random vendors in the Streets of Echo Park. Really.

  5. I bought grapes from this dude a few weeks ago. They were amazing. I got an entire plastic grocery bag full for $4. The best grapes I’ve had in a long time. And who cares if he was illegal? I assume a lot of the older street vendors are. But they provide a convenience, service, price and, many times, a product far superior to that of our major local chains. Capitalism being what it is, you should buy from these guys, not Vons…

    And if you’re mistrusting of this produce, just wash it. Add in some vinegar if you’re really scared. Really, that’s a lot closer to sanitary than what you get with the street meat out there… Not that I’ve ever gotten sick from that stuff either.

    Long live grapes!

  6. $4 for a grocery bag full for grapes. How much to send your kids to a private school cause you won’t dare send them to a LAUSD school.

  7. By the way, I’m clearly joking–just making a comment about the nanny state that a lot of people in EP seem to want to live in. I’m bummed the swap meet went away.

  8. Darn! I wish that guy would come to Highland park. I’d buy a bag of those grapes. they look GOOD!

  9. New Echo Park wine bar?

  10. I have seen this truck several times with all the grapes. At first I could not figure out what was in the back of the truck. When I finally realized it I started laughing so hard because I have never see so many grapes in one spot. I felt it was an artistic display without any input from an artist.

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