Jake might have been familiar with Chinatown but not Echo Park *

This clip from the 1974 classic Chinatown features a scene shot in Echo Park Lake. Private investigator J.J. Jake Gites – played by Jake Nicholson – heads to the lake after getting a tip from one of his associates, Duffy.  There’s a bit of dialogue, however, regarding Echo Park  that’s not correct. What is it? Jake the detective didn’t catch it but maybe you can. First person to answer correctly in the comments* will be treated to a free banh mi sandwich of their choice at Xoia in Echo Park courtesy of The Eastsider.

* And the winner is: Paul Koehorst provided a brief but quick answer: “Wrong address for the lake.”   Not only is “Glendale and Douglas” not the correct location for Echo Park Lake but the two streets don’t even cross.  Study up for the next Eastsider Quiz.

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  1. Wrong address for the lake.

  2. Glendale & Douglas, in a boat. Don’t think they intersect, let alone at the lake.

  3. Echo Park and Douglas don’t cross.

  4. when he flicks his cig into the water?

  5. @ Paul Koehorst. You are the winner of the first Eastsider Quiz! Email me at hello@theEastsiderLA.com so we can arrange a time to meet at Xoia.

  6. In addition, there are people on both ends of the bridge, that doesn’t happen anymore.

  7. The lake is between Glendale and Echo Park – Bellevue runs perpendicular – Douglass is further east.

  8. Glendale and Douglas do not meet.


  10. When Jake says he is going to Glendale to talk to a woman. When he arrives there finds her dead. He never made it to “Glendale”. The location is the row cottages on Glendale Blvd across from McD’s.

  11. Hey Carson
    I used to live across the street from the McD’s.
    Which set of bungalows? The one with the funky ironwork or the one that has parking (and a guy who guards it that looks like a walrus)?

  12. My mistake. The Glendale cottage is 8481/2 East Kensington, EP where Jake found the woman’s body.
    It was another film that used those cottages.
    For fun look at Sennet Studios at http://www.silverlake.org/historic_photo_pages/studios.htm
    You can see a dirt road Glendale Blvd running through the “lot”.

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