Naked man triggers police response in Bellevue Park

Police officers detained a naked man in Bellevue Park in Silver Lake this morning after residents reporting seeing him running around the park and playground. The man, identified as a 40-year-old with “some type of mental disability,” was taken into custody without incident, said Lt. Wes Buhrmester with the Rampart Division. Here are the details from Buhrmester:

At approximately 8:40 a.m., we received five calls regarding a naked man running around Bellevue Park, Lucile Ave. and Marathon St.  Our air unit responded, and saw him running around the park, naked.  Officers responded and detained him without incident.  The callers’ concern was that he was running around the playground.  We’ve no reports that he bothered any children or park-goers.

He is a male, approximately 40 years of age, with some type of mental disability.  He is not telling us his name or address, and is non-violent.  He was not recognized by the beat officers as anyone who lives in the area, or stays at some type of placement home.  Right now, he’s at the station, and we are calling our Mental Evaluation Unit, for eventual placement at County Hospital unless we find an institution or such from which he may be missing.

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  1. I knew it was just a matter of time. Right across the street in a bungalow lives this ravenous werewolf beard man who’s always naked to the waist, and sometimes more! I bet it was him, and I bet he was SHOOTING HOOPS and STUFFING the BALL! He’s always hooping and running naked around there. I hope they got his purple shorts before he went to jail.

  2. Well, aren’t you quick to accuse! Jeez!

    And “naked to the waist.” You mean a guy with his shirt off. Big deal. And you want him arrested!

    I’m not even clear whether you think his biggest offense is that he doesn’t wear a shirt — ala Walking Man — or that he has a beard. I guess we should arrest everyone who has a beard. But while we’re at it, I hope we arrest everyone who makes such accusations.

  3. A beard accusation is NOT an arrestable offense!

  4. Shouldn’t it be, Joan, shouldn’t it?!

  5. Oh man, I think Joan is talking about the same guy I have some video footage from — uploaded it to YouTube. Click my name to find it.

  6. This guy looks more like Jason Bateman, and he doesn’t shake as much.

  7. give him my number , he sounds like a load of fun !

  8. Lt. Wes Buhrmester, Rampart Patrol Division

    I can’t disclose this fellow’s name, as it’s a medical issue now since he was held for psychiatric evaluation, but he was one of smaller stature, clean-shaven, and of Asian descent. It was determined he lives under the care of his brother, in the general area of the park.

    Hope everyone enjoys a sunny summer weekend.

    (213) 484-3400

  9. Well he bothered me alright. This guy was definitely smaller in stature and not the bearded man, and I thought he appeared to be a bit younger than 40. I unfortunately saw him, all of him, up close. He had me trapped in my car till my husband came out and he finally left up Melrose. My neighbor said the guy took off all his clothes down on Virgil. A very entertaining way to start off our Friday the 13th around here.

  10. Hmm. A naked man “running” around in a park on “Marathon” Street. A park called “Bellevue”, yet with no “view” of any “bell” per se. Add to the equation a clean shaven werewolf on Friday the 13th & I think you’ll agree that there’s more to this sordid tale than the local constabulary cares to share with us.

    (p.s…Asian dude streaking through a playground 1st thing in the morning? Insert dim sum joke here)

  11. @C.Auguste Dupin:

    “Asian dude … insert dim sum joke here).

    Sir, you are a moron and a racist.

  12. Lt. Wes Buhrmester, Rampart Patrol Division

    Since descent has been mentioned, the reason I mentioned the descent of this person was in reference to Joan’s post. She wrote that she thought it may have been a male who lived across the street from her in a bungalow. The mention of descent along with general physical description, I felt, would assist her in eliminating or identifying the detained subject as her neighbor. I normally don’t mention it, unless it would prove useful in identification or there is some other compelling reason.

    (213) 484-3400

  13. So, not the same guy I saw walking down Sunset near the CVS/Jack In The Box a couple of weeks ago?

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