Reports of shots fired in Echo Park *

LAPD police helicopter over Echo Park.Residents reported hearing  multiple gunshots near Echo Park Avenue and Baxter Street at about 12:30 A.M. but so far there are no signs anyone was hit.  Several LAPD squad cars and a police helicopter responded to the shooting but had left the scene within a half hour. The watch commander at the Northeast Division said no information was immediately available from officers in the field. The shots came several hours after one man was left injured during an afternoon shooting near Echo Park Lake. Residents reported hearing anywhere from a half a dozen to 20 shots.

* Update on Monday, Aug. 16: Dect. Lou Vargas with the Northeast Gang Unit said one man reported coming under fire while driving through the area.  The man, who was not a gang member, was not injured.  “He just saw a dark colored vehicle and some some flashes [of light], and he realized  his car was getting hit”


  1. I know many of you who read this blog care deeply for Echo Park and the surrounding Eastside communities. As we’ve seen—and heard (gun shots)—far too often recently, the destructive lifestyles of a few selfish and troubled individuals can really make it a less safe place for everyone—regardless of age or background.

    It’s crazy to think that this type of destructive activity can become normalized. We talk about it when things flare up and then life returns to normal until the next incident.

    At times, it’s easy to feel powerless when we witness and/or hear about all of the senseless violence in our own backyard. But there is actually a lot we can do, and it’s really easy and straightforward.

    We all have cell phones these days, and when we see something suspicious, REPORT IT. Stop something before it happens and help the police put pressure on those who harm or intend to harm our community.

    Most people can easily sense what ‘suspicious’ means…Like small groups of mainly young men hanging out in cars, alleyways, yards, and on the street with similar colored clothing, tattoos, mocking words and other indications of gang involvement. I suspect many of us have been made quite uncomfortable by things like these in the past.

    Reporting both suspicious activity as well as the obvious yelling, gunshots, tires screeching, etc. is important, because you are the ones who will notice things first, and therefore can prevent violence from happening.

    Here are the numbers. Please put them in your phone’s contacts:

    Rampart Division Police (our closest station):


    Graffiti Removal (this is a major preventative action, even if you don’t live there, report it):


    *** Just make sure you’re a safe, unrecognizable distance when you report things and don’t associate yourself too closely with where you live.

    That’s it, it’s really very simple for the average, non-violent, Echo Park onlooker to not feel powerless in their own community. Keep an eye out and just report things that seem ‘off’ to you. The police are an asset to us and their sole purpose is to help keep our community safe. Your gut-feeling could save someone’s life. The people who hurt us and make us live in fear need to know that THEY ARE NOT WELCOME HERE. I think we’ve been too easy on them. Guns, gang violence, and murders are not normal. Please do your part.

  2. My husband and I heard the shooting. I asked him if it was firecrackers. He said it didn’t sound like that… more like gun fire. There were about six shots and they seemed to be happening at Baxter and Avon, near the Baxter staircase. Very shortly following that there was a second round that sounded different, that echoed off the mountain so each shot had a second ring to it. I thought maybe it was someone firing back. Don’t know. Those ones definitely did not sound like fire crackers.

    I said to my husband, “We’ll know soon enough what that was – the cops will be here soon if it was guns.” I heard a car drive toward EP avenue, and then head south. Another series of shots could be heard faintly some distance away. They seemed to be shooting again as they were driving out. Sure enough, a few minutes later sirens were headed this way and cops were right outside our home, along with the search light of a police helicopter. I know this has been a gang neighborhood for umpteen years, but I’ve got kids two and five and I may just have to head up to Burbank or something pretty soon. Love Echo Park, but dang… momma’s gotta protect her babies, ya know?

  3. @epConcerned Add Eric Garcetti’s office to call. (213) 473-7013

    What’s the point of having the City Council President be from Echo Park if he can’t get LAPD to focus on stopping these random shootings? I don’t care what they’re doing now. It’s not working.

  4. I wouldn’t waste my time on that Eric Garcetti, Just make sure you people all vote his ass out of office next term. We don’t want him, I heard Bell is looking for new members.

    I sure hope Eric Garcettis Office reads this blog. 😉

  5. @ Echo Park. Remember that Echo Park is divided between two council districts. Last night’s report of shots fired near Echo Park and Baxter did occur in Council District 13. However, the afternoon shooting near Echo Park Lake took place in Council District One. http://cd1.lacity.org/cd1maps.htm

  6. Key word RANDOM

    You cannot stop random ANYTHING look up the meaning of the word .

    No one is condoning the violence this is a culture that has unfortunately lived and has reared its ugly head in Echo Park at “random” for generations.

  7. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    I heard one set of shots, then saw about 5 cars driving around the intersection of echo park and Baxter at Midnite. Another round of shots were fired, and all the cars took off on different directions: up & down echo park ave, north on Baxter… Tried to report to 911 but no thanks to AT&T they couldn’t hear me.

    Minutes later police cars arrived, and a chopper, but by then it looked too late. I saw them systematically searching block by block but the never stopped anyone.

    From where I was on the stairs on the opposite side of the canyon I also saw at least 4 people out running around on Fargo street…

    (forgive the duplicate post- I saw this topic in discussion of the 1pm shooting on the 13th)

    I heard 2 separate sets of shots both followed by multiple cars screeching tires and chaotic driving. One car was a large dark SUV, too far to confirm make or model…

  8. There is nothing random about gang violence. Gangs are established groups who repeatedly commit crime. And based on a post about the other shooting from yesterday, it looks like Echo Park is averaging 3 shootings per month. Not knowing the location of the next crime doesn’t mean it can’t be predicted or make it random.

    Shootings do not need to be tolerated and a community should not look for excuses for non-action.

  9. Call our Senior Lead Officer, Bobby Hill, 213-793-0760, and leave him a message. I just did. From what I hear, the more we squeak, the better. Sad that that’s how it works but…
    They also told me if I come in and fill out a form, they’ll put more patrol cars in the area. She said that coming in shows them that people are really concerned.

  10. here’s what I worry about: that little section of EP at Baxter/Fargo/Ewing has an elementary school and 2 daycares. Last year there was a shooting in the middle of the day that killed 1 man and injured 2 others; and there have been lots of shots fired there since then. There are a handful of houses right there where some of the EXP guys hang out/live. How long before someone’s innocent children are taken out by this ongoing violence? obviously these guys are not concerned about the welfare of their neighbors.

  11. Enuf, thanks for the info. I just called Bobby Hill and left a message. I’ve never been very involved in community activism in that way, but I was inspired by your post. I’m going to go in to file a form too. If enough people show their outrage it offers a lot of support to the police and the community on a psychological level, and that makes a huge difference in getting solutions into place. Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. Jello, I was inspired by your original post. It bums me out to read that people are thinking about leaving. I totally get it though. I’ve lived in EP for over ten years now. We knew what we were getting into when we came. And we’ve seen a lot of change, some good, some bad, but the gun fire has never been this frequent. Is a week without bullets flying a block from my house really too much to ask for?? Across from an elementary school nonetheless?!
    I’m no activist myself, but the fact that I can now clearly discern between fire crackers and gun shots is pretty friggin sad. I decided enuf’s enuf.

  13. For those of us that have called Echo Park home for many, many years, we remember the incredible activists who put their heart and soul into making this community a safer place for old time families that have lived here for generations and newbies alike. A safe, thriving community involves regular folks willing to give their time on the weekends and week nights to work with community groups, volunteer to head groups, do clean ups, work with our local schools, non profits, etc.
    Unfortunately, many of the older folks that put many, many years of work into our community to make it a better place are getting older. We need new folks to step up. Honestly, it is the regular joe willing to get INVOLVED that makes Echo Park safer. There are many groups such as Central City Action Committee, Citizens To Save Elysian Park, The Echo Park Improvement Assoc., Centro Del Pueblo, and countless schools, community groups, your council office, etc. that need people to GIVE THEIR TIME. It is US. We make the community better. So many of the younger folks moving in don’t seem to want to get down and dirty as far as really getting involved with the mechanics of Echo Park and making it a better place for ALL including the poor and struggling. Try it. Just give a few hours a month. Ask how you can help. You WILL make a difference. Shootings were down years ago when activism was thriving. It can happen again.

  14. Karla has many good points in her comment not like many of the other lunatics ranting on here pointing fingers at everyone.

  15. Karla thanks for making that point. Ron Emler, may he rest in peace, brought many of us to realize how important it was to get involved. EPSA (Echo Park Security Association) was started, and filled a void in the “hood as a result of folks being fed up with crime and grafitti. As a result things got “safe”. Safe enough for people to think they did not need EPSA. Well, folks, EPSA is foundering and you need it as much as it needs you.

    Renew or subscribe. But without a diverse and full membership, actively involved and aware, you can expect gunshots and sadly, the demise of EPSA.

    I just put my overdue quarterly check in the mail!!
    PO Box 26-201
    LA 90026.



  16. Yeah Jacksliver , Karla does have a good point , unlike this following rant ::::::
    IamJacksLiver August 15, 2010 at 1:03 pm
    Lets be realistic here removing of graffiti is not gonna stop gang violence. Sure the walls will look cleaner but that’s about it. Especially where gangs are already known in an area as having an established turf. Lot of the ideas given on here I hate to say are rather idealistic. As long as there is violence around the world and wars so there will be gangs, white collar crime, blue collar crime, criminal groups of one form another etc. At best people can only hope to make things somewhat better but that is all. It seems to me more then the long time residents of the area lot of the newcomers are rather delusional about what is going on in the area and think they can change a whole area 100 percent in a few days a year or whatever.

  17. @hbomb Its called the truth buddy so face it!!!! Go sing coommbayah with all your delusional hippie friends!!!! LOL. The difference between me and you is I’m a rational being. I can see the positive and the negative. I don’t have blind optimism like you 😉 I need not say more!

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