Reports of shots fired in Highland Park *

An LAPD helicopter was in the air after Highland Park residents reporting hearing shots fired shortly before 10 P.M. near Monte Vista Street near Avenue 52 or 53.  “Just heard gun shots. Copter already there. Looks like Avenue 52 and Monte Vista area,” said one resident via email. The Twitter user known as HLP90042 reported hearing a second round of shots:

Um. That can’t be good. 3 more shots heard. large cal

Watch commander at LAPD Northeast Division said police units were in the field to determine if it was gunfire or fireworks.

* Update @ 10:42 P.M.:  A Northeast Division officer said there have been no reports of any injuries. No other details were available.


  1. I had just moved into our new rented house on N. Ave. 53 Sunday night. Literally, just pulled in with the last boxes when both ends of the street were yellow taped and the helicopter started circling and shining the light in my family’s new front and back yard.
    Did I move to hell? We just moved from Echo Park and our current landlord told us this was a very nice neighborhood and our friends and acquaintances over here said that it was great. I decided to let that incident slide. We’ve certainly had our fair share of shots and copters while living in Echo Park.
    Now it is Wednesday night and I just heard two rounds of shots and the copter circling again.
    Concerned does not even begin to describe how I feel. I have a wife and a two-year old daughter. Who are these people?

  2. So sorry-
    You moved into the worst area of HP. Monte Vista from Ave 53 on down to Ave 50 has had gang violence for years. It’s the Avenues versus the HP gangs vying for territory and whatever else they’re after. Talk to the LAPD before you take the baby out at night.
    Hope you didn’t sign a lease. The landlord lied.
    I’ve lived north of York Blvd for 30 years and we’ve never had gunshots on my street. No graffiti either. I’d get the family further north and check the crime stats of the street first.
    Sorry, but it’s better to be safe, and you,re not safe there.

  3. Echo Park and Silverlake are not immune to violence either. A quick stroll through this very blog will tell you that. About a year ago, we moved from Echo Park to Highland Park as well. While there aren’t as many trendy restaurants to choose from, I don’t see a major difference in the gang presence. I hear gun shots and helicopters in both areas. Tagging in both. In fact, people were killed on our street in Echo Park. Not the case (yet) on our street in HP. Now it’s true that the lower avenues have more trouble than the ones to your north, but people are working to get things cleaned up.

  4. yeah, there’s not a huge difference between echo park and highland park, and the northern avenues aren’t fully clear either. i used to live near york and ave 64, back when that girl got killed outside of the rite aid. now i live near fig and ave 50, and haven’t noticed a dramatic increase in gunshots or police helicopters.

    fwiw, last night i did actually see fireworks going off outside my window.

  5. @zap
    A couple months ago I was told by someone who works in a business on Ave. 50 near Fig. that gangbangers collect “rent” for “protection” from businesses there. WTF? And I thought that was something the mafia did in the 30’s in Chicago and NY City. Ave.50 is the demarcation line of the Avenues and the HP gangs, hence the turf issues.

    The elementary school on Monte Vista has “drop and cover” drills because gunfire during the daytime is not unusual.

    Be careful, folks

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