Save the Date: Weekend Edition

The Echo Park Film Center Filmmobile will screen Mi Vida Loca, the Allison Anders film about  “girls, gangs … and guns”  in Echo Park tonight (remember those high-rise chola pompadours?). The free screening will take place near Echo Park and Delta avenues, one of the neighborhood locations featured in the 1993 movie. How much has Echo Park changed since then? The same location  is now home to Chango Coffee and was featured in a Train music video. Other events this weekend include a folk music festival in Lincoln Heights, a book sale at the Cypress Park library and a pit bull adoption event and fundraiser.  More details in Save the Date.


  1. Someone tell this narrator that Echo Park is NOT EAST L.A.!!!!!!!!!!!111one

  2. ^ AINT THAT THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I just remembered by seeing this that Salma Hayek is in it. Echo Park For Life…. lol . It’s so crazy how the whole echo park community has changed, Starting from Echo park and Scott ave it’s a different world, where you can still some gang activity going on. From Delta and on It’s totally different world as well. I lived in the echo park area all my life, but when i moved right on echo park ave which was back in 2000, all of the neighbors were gangsters, i told my dad there was no way i was moving there, but over the months the gangsters were getting evicted because of new owners buying properties here. Luckily the new owners made a change in the community and is way more safe now then when it was back then.
    Now it’s all stuck up hipsters, whatever happened to friendly neighbors, and I remember i would say hi, but i guess some are just not friendly, so It’s like whatever to me.

  4. Ah, evidence to bolster the “eastside” moniker.

  5. Remember those days, when I moved into my house in 1994 the EP Locos (including some of the characters in the film) frequented the house next door – drive by shootings, huge parties, etc. There’s been some ebb and flow of gang activity in EP since then, but nothing even approaching what it was like back then.

  6. (that said, I really appreciated the film, it helped put the neighborhood in perspective)

  7. i was here back in the day, and I have to say I don’t miss it at all. much more mellow now.

  8. After hearing so much about the film after moving here, I Netflixed it a few months back. It was cool to see Echo Park Ave / Delta – the corner I live at- featured so much in the film, and it was eye opening to see how much the neighborhood has changed.

    That being said, I didn’t think it was a particularly good movie. A lot of terrible acting, and a lot of loose ends that never get resolved. I’d still recommend it to anyone that lives in Echo Park, but it just wasn’t as good as I had hoped, given how much people in EP talk about the film.

  9. The Hillside Strangler

    Honestly, in my opinion.. I think it was pretty dumb and ignorant for the Echo Park film center to screen and promote this movie right on the Avenue… as for the Echo Park Locos are still around and actively commiting crimes. That was just asking for a shooting in the neighborhood. And that is exactly what happened two hours after the screening… I am assuming that a rival gang came searching trying to find them at, or coming out of the screening. Great job adding fuel to the fire.

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