Silver Lake residents report gunshots *

Several police units on the ground and a helicopter in the air responded to reports of multiple shots fired tonight near Sunset Boulevard and Micheltorena Street only a few hours after residents gathered at a meeting devoted to neighborhood crime. Several residents who emailed The Eastsider reported hearing at least five gunshots shortly after 8 P.M.  Officers, however, found no shell casings or received reports of injuries, said Sgt. Patricia Milewski with the Northeast Division.  A woman who lives on Larissa Drive said by email:

Ilive up on Larissa just south of Sunset and heard about 5 extremely loud gunshots about 20 minutes ago. Loudest I’ve ever heard. soon after, there were policeman swarming all of Sunset and a police helicopter shining the light on the elementary school side north of sunset and the south side as well. It went on for awhile, then the police all headed up [Micheltorena] real fast.

The report of gunshots come one night after two pedestrians in Silver Lake were assaulted and robbed in separate incidents by a group of men armed with what was described as a baseball bat.  Tonight, the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council held a Town Hall at a church to address concerns about crime and neighborhood safety.

* Update on Friday, Aug. 20 @ 8 A.M:  Lt. Wes Buhrmester with the Rampart Division said police later found the intended the victim of those shots in the 1500 block of Murray Circle. Here are the details:
The victim, a 26-year-old male who was not cooperative and was intoxicated, advised he was sitting on the stairs near Larissa Dr. drinking beer when a lone male approached him.  A brief verbal exchange occurred, resulting in the suspect firing six shots from a handgun at the victim, but not hitting him.  After the shooting, both ran in opposite directions.  The suspect was only described as a male with dark clothing, with no physical descriptors or peculiarities. Our detectives will recontact the victim at a later time when his degree of cognizance and clarity have improved, and hopefully move the investigation forward from that point.  


  1. Think this may be a prelude to trouble at Sunset Junction coming up?

    • @ DDMau. There are no signs that these crimes (with the exception of last night’s two robberies) are connected. I have not heard anything about problems expected at Sunset Junction.

  2. @ Mau and what trouble do you know of or foresee? Do you know more than you say?

  3. With everything going on in the ‘hood lately including the gunshots and attacks I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some sort of “incident” at Sunset Junction that’ll give the ‘hood some “bad publicity”, there seems to have been a lot more violent activity than normal lately so that suggests something “big”. OTOH if it leads to no more Sunset Junction festivals it’s fine by me, the festival’s become a nuisance, I just hope nobody’s hurt too badly or worse

  4. @ Eastsider – OK, that’s good to hear, I just hope you’re right and the festival’s no more than the usual nuisance that it’s become.

  5. How can anyone predict an incident at Sunset Junction based on two other isolated incidents? Lets leave “precrime” to Minority Report.

  6. Calling our neighborhood a “HOOD”
    does not help !!!


    It has very negative connotations !
    Especially growing up in Echo Park , the ONLY people who used the term “HOOD” were the cholos !

  7. Lt. Wes Buhrmester, Rampart Patrol Division

    This was a dispute between two individuals, and nothing to do with Sunset Junction, we are certain of that.

    (213) 484-3400

  8. LOL of the day to Kitty whose vehement disdain for the use of “hood” is balanced by her unblinking readiness to refer to her Echo Park neighbors derogatorily as “cholos.”

  9. Did anyone go to the Neighborhood meeting yesterday? I wanted to go, but couldn’t make it in time. If anyone went, I’d love to hear what was talked about. I live in the neighborhood and am concerned about what’s been going on. Eastsider, maybe you could fill us in? Thanks in advance!

  10. Lt. Buhrmester: which stairs “near” Larissa–Micheltorena or the ones leading up from Descanso? I live on Larissa and heard the shots (5 not 6). It sounded like they were coming from the east.

  11. i agree with Will Campbell, there’s nothing wrong with using the word ‘hood’ to describe one’s own neighborhood. I’ve grown up in SL my entire life, its always been my ‘hood’ and I love it.
    I am growing very concerned with all the negative goings-on at any given time of day. And relying on the police isn’t reassuring when it can take up to three minutes for a 911 call to be picked up and even more time for them to arrive at the scene. and then with Rampart/NE divisions wanting to push reports onto each other depending on where the incident occurs is super frustrating. I didnt know there was a neighborhood meeting until late last night, is there some way we can spread the word so that more people who don’t have access to this information be notified? Like renting a billboard so that everyone can read it? I mean they’re in our ‘hood, we should be able to advertise awareness right?

  12. Lt. Wes Buhrmester, Rampart Patrol Division

    Re the stairs, they are located across the street from the T-intersection formed by Micheltorena St. and Sunset Blvd., on the south curb.

    (213) 484-3400

  13. thinking about it

    Does anyone think it’s weird that the victim had to be found in the neighborhood? I don’t know, one would think that if that kind of thing happens, you flee the area. Or you go and get help. Not go roam around in the neighborhood. I dont know, maybe I’m naive.

  14. to “thinking about it” … you may be a little naive. Those gangsters are not driving in from areas unknown, they live here. They are our neighbors. I’ve seen them coming out of the apartments on Micheltorena, North of Sunset across the street from the school. I’ve personally witnessed gunfire exchanged between a group of men …. three of them running home to those very apartments. The neighborhood is changing for the better … and apparently, they simply don’t like it

  15. I live near Micheltorena and Sunset and also heard 5 shots, not 6, but I suppose the casings don’t lie.

  16. thinking about it

    @Joe just to correct myself, I moreover meant why the vicitim didn’t flee. Not that I was surprised they stayed within the neighborhood, but that they didn’t flee somewhere. You mentioned you’ve seen previous incidents before, where the gang members fled inside the apartments. That makes sense to me, you think that people would want to run for some sort of cover after being shot at. And not just continue roaming the streets.

    I do think though….maybe I am alittle naive. I have never seen any sort of gang graffiti, gangsters or seemingly “gang related” suspicious activity in this part of the neighborhood. It VERY much surprises me to hear you say you’ve seen a shootout THAT close to the elementary school.

    I too am very curious if anyone has any feedback from the neighborhood council meeting.

  17. thinking about it, I apologize for any offense, wasn’t my intention. I was at the meeting … talked to the police officers and had a conversation with the officers specifically tasked to gang related problems. I wish more people would have come but it seemed productive and the Police appeared genuinely concerned. They gave me their card with a direct line. As to graffiti, I have to say, I see plenty of it. Not just the usual tagging crew garbage, but gang graffiti to mark their territory. I was surprised that not that many people were offended last summer, when all the walls on sunset blvd, from Dustys to McDonalds were covered with gang graffiti .. then crossed out only hours later by their rivals. There has been so much gang graffiti on the Micheltorena stairs; on the walls and on the concrete itself.

  18. LOL to the white guy, with the cheesy bandanna that moved here from who the hell knows where and does not know a thing about the neighborhood but what he reads on blogs.

    It is understood that calling the neighborhood a “hood” is a negative connotation.

    However cholos call THEMSELVES cholos and therefore i assume was not meant in a derrogatory manner .( i believe) .

    I guess you wouldnt understand that , since you moved here from say , by your photo Van Nuys ?

  19. LOL to the shooter who stepped up to the victim and fired six shots….AND MISSED EACH TIME.

    Divine Intervention, Pulp Fiction-style?

  20. LOL to bee, for whom the internet provided the perfect outlet for his/her judgmental nature towards the ONE person who comments with a real name and photo.

  21. Good thing he couldn’t shoot straight.

  22. DD, it’s people like you that instill fear in citizens. Stop these scare tactics..

  23. LOL to bee who thinks racist/xenophobic comments are ok as long as they’re directed at whitey.

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