Tasty store-bought alternative to homemade guacamole & salsa

Story and photos by Valentina Silva

A while back, a reader named Adrian tipped me off to “the best damn salsa and guac” he’d ever had. Naturally, I was intrigued and excited that such a find was available minutes from my house at Figueroa Produce in Highland Park.

Figueroa Produce is a great little market located in a strip mall at the corner of  Figueroa Street and York Boulevard. Dedicated to offering high-quality food at discounted prices to the local  community, they carry harder-to-find international food brands, dairy products, and snacks. Plus, their meat and deli sections include grass fed, organic and free-range options—I’ve heard amazing things about their carne asada. Much less of a headache than Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.

But onto the salsa and guacamole. I hear that the owner’s father comes in everyday to make fresh batches of each. It really shows. The salsa is full of tangy flavor, and the guacamole is equal parts smooth and chunky with a nice jalapeño kick. Yeah! Both were so fresh and went really well with my beloved tortilla chips from Superior Market, which also must be applauded because they are, hands down, the best store-bought chips in existence. Just look at them! I served the whole shebang at a recent party, and everyone was blown away.

Thanks to Adrian, and keep the tips coming!

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  1. We love Figueroa Produce! It’s great for produce, dry goods, meats and international/deli items — and at good prices. It’s a great complement to Trader Joes, as it has a lot of things TJs doesn’t carry, or does badly (like produce).

  2. I love Figueroa Produce! And don’t forget the homemade hummus and other goodies. There’s a pesto type of product that’s actually Peruvian I think… Ask Ruben, his wife is part of the magic behind these products.

    AND, if you ever need a cut of meat that the guys don’t have in store, they’ll order it for you, no worries. I’m so happy this grocery is here in H.P.

  3. The Circle H market on Sunset at Rampart has great homemade salsa & guac too. You can get a big tub of the fresh salsa behind the meat counter for about a buck. Same amount of guacamole for maybe $3. It’s unreal.

  4. Agreed on the salsa for sure- I rarely eat store brands but really enjoy theirs from time to time. 🙂

  5. They also sell homemade Chilean Pebre which made from cilantro and grapeseed oil. I am addicted.

  6. I really like that they carry gluten-free products, and have a variety of range-free and grass fed meats. I highly recommend their chicken and basil sausages!!!
    Also, some of their produce is directly from the South Central Farmers collective, which is always a pleasure to support their cause. I’m also a huge fan of their green salsa, which goes amazing with some fried eggs!!!
    AND – – if you are a yerba mate drinker, they carry numerous brands and gourds.
    That is all. 🙂

  7. LOVE Figueroa Produce. They have so many interesting items that no one else carries. I always find some new, cool thing to bring home. And they are super friendly.

  8. Now those are some good-lookin’ chips right there….

  9. I appreciate that Figueroa Produce carries grass-fed beef for about half of what it costs at Whole Foods. The beef comes from Open Space Meats in California which is a small operation.

  10. Thanks for all the great comments! Looks like I’ve got lots more to buy at Figueroa.

  11. Yeah neighbors, support this business! We worry that they might have a hard time attracting enough customers for speciality items to their location, which is dominated by a giant 99-cent store (it’s a great 99-cent store tho). If you live in Eagle Rock, Highland Park or nearby Pasadena, this store’s for you.

  12. This blog should have its name changed to: Stuff White People (in LA) Like.

  13. It’s helpful in reviews to mention the prices. I buy great guac. and salsa at the Mexican market up Figueroa at Marmion Way and it’s inexpensive. What is up with this obsession with people’s race?
    Let us move on from that!

  14. @Ben: I think this people of all ethnicities would enjoy this guacamole.

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