Tree trimmer needed at Echo Park & Baxter *

If a large tree (or branch) falls in Echo Park, how long does it take to get cleaned up?  Longer than you might think.  The branch of a large ficus tree in front of the Baxter Montessori School fell across the southbound portion of Echo Park Avenue near Baxter Street sometime on Sunday, and it’s still there – guarded by traffic barricades and yellow caution tape.  Southbound motorists and Dash bus drivers have had to maneuver around the fallen branch and into the opposing traffic lane since then.

* Update: The branch and barricades have been removed as of 9 P.M.


  1. That tree limb’s got nothing on the sidewalk-blocking landslide that’s sat untouched for months on the north side of Sunset, east of Coronado.

  2. Yeah, I can’t believe that landslide on Sunset is still there! And it’s been there since, when… January? December? Wish the city would do something about it! You have to walk in the street to get around it. Not safe. (Should I also mention the ridiculous amount of trash and debris littering that stretch, too?).

  3. Ha! That’s me on the scooter! I’m just glad that branch didn’t fall when I was riding down the street. Those kill people.

  4. it is a tree branch
    it broke off
    no one got hurt
    drive around it

  5. The tree that lost this branch is on private property so it’s the responsibility of the school to get it cleaned up. Maybe they don’t have insurance for something like this and they’re trying to find the money to get it done…
    I would think a group from the school could cut up all the small branches and bundle them, then drag the main branch somewhat out of the traffic lane…
    The City put the signs and warning tapes out there but I think that’s just for safety, not them saying ‘hey, we’ll take care of this’….

  6. Mark: you can report illegal trash dumping to the city here and they will (eventually) pick it up.

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