Who’s behind the Mount Washington murals? *

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Mt. Washington Drive offers breathtaking views as it winds its way to the top of Mount Washington. But  it wasn’t the city and mountain vistas that caught Matthew Smith’s eye the other day. It was a strip of  paintings on the retaining wall below Mt. Washington Drive east of San Rafael Avenue that he noticed for the first time.

I hadn’t been there in maybe six weeks so I certainly couldn’t say when they got there. I didn’t really spend much time looking to see if anyone autographed their work.

How long have those murals been there and who painted them? Smith and The Eastsider would like to know.

* Correction: A earlier version of this post said the paintings were located on San Rafael Avenue. They are not. They are located on Mt. Washington Drive.

Photos by Matthew Smith


  1. they began popping up about 4 weeks ago, I walk this route every day. I had been on vacation in europe in the beginning of July, when I came back they started appearing, every day would be a new one or two, I have never seen anyone doing this and I walk at different times of the day.

    They seem pretty well done and not the work of taggers

  2. These murals add vibrancy to an otherwise not so vibrant stretch of concrete wall. Ralph Steadman meets Yellow Submarine meets 80’s video game imagery. Nice work!

  3. Thanks for posting! Can wait to check them out in person.

  4. Anyone could of done it. As for taggers there are some that can produce such type of artistic work with just a spray can go to Venice beach and you’ll see what I’m talking about! Really good abstract art pieces.

  5. Ever hear of Banksky? Go see the film EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP. He may be in town for an art opening.

  6. I was taking a walk with my girlfriend a month or so ago and noticed them. I think they are a very creative addition to Mt Washington. I lived there in the 80’s and 90’s and always loved how creative and eclectic Mt Washington was. Keep up the good work!

  7. wc-

    Nice-ish pieces, but that ain’t Banksy.
    Whoever it is seems a bit influenced by The Chameleons:

  8. I can’t help but wonder if these hooligans will ever get enough.

  9. Yay! More murals Tuesday a.m.! I heard through the neighborhood grapevine that someone called the police to investigate possible tagging but that the police didn’t think it was graffiti. Score one for public art!

  10. Definitely not Banksy and definitely not hooligans. Very nice public art and although taggers could do them, I doubt they are taggers. I hope they stay.

  11. this is SO NOT Banksky ……………

  12. Theophrastus Bombastus

    Whoever did this is a villain and a brigand, and probably not very good in bed.

  13. concerned citizen

    RIP, the murals all disappeared early on friday, after 7 fresh ones were put up the night before. If anyone has any information it would please some of these hardworking folks very much

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