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Daily Archives: September 8, 2010

Back-to-school fashion circa 1936

One of the members of the Kolts family, who lived on Corralitas Drive in Silver Lake, was dressed up and ready to head off to class, most likely at Allesandro Street Elementary, said Diane Edwardson of the Corralitas Red Car Property blog.  Edwardson obtained the 1936 ... Read More »

Save the Date for “Expanding the Matrix”

A matrix in the world of printmaking is the master plate used to make an impression on paper to create a print.  In Expanding the Matrix, a group show opening Thursday at Occidental College in Eagle Rock, 15 artists explore “alternative interpretations of the matrix,” according ... Read More »

Note to Eastsider email subscribers

The Eastsider is testing a new service to send the daily digest of the blog via email.  Starting later this week, The Eastsider will be using MailChimp.com (yes, that’s the name) to deliver approximately 300 or so daily digests.  The digests will look different but you ... Read More »