Daily Archives: September 27, 2010

Beekeeping by moonlight

Russell Bates of the Backwards Beekeeper blog shares a photo of beekeeper named Roberta and a friend tending to a hive on an Elysian Valley ... Read More »

Diesel-powered art

Ralph Hemphill opened the Hemphill Diesel Engineering School in Glassell Park more than 70 years ago to train workers on the ins and outs of the diesel engine. "1933 promises unprecedented growth in the new high-speed aviation, automotive and truck diesels," read an ad for the San Fernando Road school. "The demand for trained Diesel Engineers is bound to grow STILL GREATER." Read More »

Fire trucks for all occasions

Navigating the narrow and winding streets of the Eastside’s hilly neighborhoods pose a special challenge for fire fighters speeding to a brush or house fire.  ... Read More »