Councilman Eric Garcetti finally gets to be mayor – on TV

Garcetti, the Council District 13 representative who lives in Echo Park, has remained reluctant to say whether he will or won’t run for mayor. But, at least for a brief time tonight, Councilman Garcetti will be known as “Mayor” when he appears as the leader of Los Angeles during an appearance on “The Closer” on TNT.  Here’s a description of the episode courtesy TNT:

“The murder of two paramedics leads the LAPD and the FBI on separate investigations on a case that could be the precursor to a major terrorist attack. But Brenda fights to remain a step ahead, even though she’s forced to work with the counter-terrorism unit’s Chief Tommy Delk, who happens to be one of Brenda’s fellow finalists for the job of Chief of Police.”

The mayoral role is a promotion for Garcetti, a member of the Screen Actors Guild who had a few minor acting roles as a child. Earlier this season on “The Closer,” Garcetti  appeared in the  background during a scene in which  his father, Gil Garcetti,  a former Los Angeles County District Attorney who now serves as a consultant for the show, played a police chief.


  1. Just please don’t try to play one in real life!

  2. ^
    au contraire, LA would be so lucky to have a progressive Mayor Garcetti!

  3. I agree with the first entry. Sorry I ever voted for him. Worst council office in city hall.

  4. By “progressive” do you mean ineffective
    and a supporter of cruddy developments?

  5. Garcetti isn’t progressive; he’s just shallow yuppie. Progressive isn’t to pull the unbelievable stunt he did in providing for rent hikes this year even with zero or less inflation. Progressive isn’t to send in the police to see how many homeless people you can arrest on Skid Row to make way for gentrification. And a long list of other such very unprogressive things he has done.

  6. This is appropriate since our current mayor, Tony Villaraigosa, made “cameo” appearances for two years (2003-05) as a pretend councilmember in District 14 while he was really just running for mayor.

    He wasn’t a very convincing actor on Council, however. While collecting a annual salary of about $180,000 for two years, he only placed one piece of anything resembling municipal legislation or policymaking on its agendas.

  7. Eric Garcetti for mayor 🙂

  8. On TV is fine!:)

  9. Garcetti’s a great councilmember and would be a great mayor. He’s worked on a lot of legislation and been recognized locally and nationally for it. You may disagree with certain things, but let’s not make this a bathroom wall, eh? He married me and my husband when few would stand up for same-sex marriage, and he has always been approachable and is one of the few elected officials I know who quietly and without fanfare actually engages with his constituents–neighborhood walks door-to-door when he is NOT running for office, office hours for direct talks, and even things like Twittering. Go Eric!

  10. That’s so great regarding your marriage, But what are you talking about? Bathroom walls? I don’t see any factual information on work well done. We want to live in our comunity. Tweets? What a joke!!!!!!!

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