Deadly violence flares in Boyle Heights and Glassell Park *

Two brothers were killed and another man was left in critical condition during what police believe was a gang-related shooting early this morning in Glassell Park. Meanwhile, in a separate incident in Boyle Heights, one person was killed and a dozen people were injured after a fight broke out at a house party.

In Glassell Park,  brothers Jose Martinez, 24, and Samuel Martinez, 20, were shot and killed shortly before 1 A.M. in the 2900 block of Division Street after they were approached by several suspects who asked what gang they were from, police said. The brothers died at the scene. Another man, 19-year-old Marvin Gonzalez was in critical condition with a gun shot wound, said Sgt. Wayne Guillary with the Northeast Division. It’s not clear whether the victims were in  a gang or if they lived in the area, he said *. No one has been arrested.

Also early this morning, at about 2 A.M., a Boyle Heights house party in the 1400 block of Los Palos Street near Union Pacific Avenue turned violent after a fight broke out, leaving one man shot dead and about a dozen people injured, reports KTLA. An argument spilled out into the street, where someone opened fire into the crowd.

Update: Police determined that the Martinez brothers were not gang members, L.A. Now reported on Sunday.

* Correction: A previous version of this post stated incorrectly that the Glassell Park shooting took place in the 1900 block of Division Street. The correct location of the shooting is the 2900 block of Division.


  1. I heard a number of gunshots last night in Highland Park around 3 or 4 AM

  2. Does anyone know the story about what happened at Antigua Bakery on Saturday (September 25th) morning? Bunch of police cars out front and I heard various stories about why — thought the board might have some insight.

  3. Guns are howling tonight throughout glassell park.

  4. I was in Elsyian Valley at about 130AM and heard 4 gunshots followed by several police sirens and the police helicopter somewhere in the vicinity of Marsh St and Mellon Ave. Any info on that?

  5. This all sounds like rival gang retaliation. I’ve seen Highland Park gang crossing out Avenues gang tags. Just when i thought the hood had been quiet for a while this happens. Full moon was in effect… trucha!

  6. This was in front of SuperA mkt.
    A window was taken at of the store.
    2900 block Division St.

  7. These young boys were sweet neighbors, hardworking kids not in a gang just walking home. When will this senseless violence end, how can this community rise up against this. Please send your prayers and keep your eyes peeled. Sooo sad 🙁

  8. Very sad. This Community MUST come together, bring awareness and raise up against the few horrible individuals that continue to make Glassell Park a dangerous place for the rest of the family-loving, hard-working citizens that reside there. My husband and I lived 3 short months not 6 blocks from where this shooting was. I was pregnant at the time and our house shared an alley with one “not so great” house. We never felt safe. That house did what they wanted and every other house on that block turned a blind eye. Needless to say, our landlord was exceptionally cool and we got the F**K out of there!! It took every penny we had, but we did it. Unfortunately most people don’t have that option. It’s terribly sad I hope the best for that area and the 97% of wonderful people who live there.

  9. When will this end you ask? When the residents grow some balls, and start taking an active solution to getting those dirty scum bags off the streets. I live in Echo Park, and I frequently call the cops on taggers, and gangsters alike. I have a 0 tolerance for stupid people, and you should too. It’s time to stop sucking it all up, and take a stand for where you live. See it, Report it. That’s my motto. Cheers to all those willing to take a stand!

  10. Sam Jose and marvin werent in a gang!!! They were going to the store to buy chips.

  11. Those poor parents. My heart goes out to their family.

  12. This is very disturbing. I live in this neighborhood just a few blocks away. It’s crazy to learn that these kids weren’t even gang members. Although now days gansters don’t dress very typical like they use to so I can see how some youngsters can get confused for being gangsters by modern dress styles. This attack sounds more like these poor kids were part of of rival gang initiation. What can we do as a community to clean this neighborhood up?! I am tired of the ghetto mentality this area suffers.

  13. buying chips at 1 in the morning ????? yeah right! look if they werent from a gang why were there 40+ avenue gang members there giving there respect? why did they come here to cypress and shoot up in the air out side a party? dont try and sugar coat there lifestyle. . i know what happened was wrong and no one deserves to die in the hand of another being. but one of the victims was nicnamed psycho i hear. and all each and every one have ties to the avenues gang…i feel bad and give all my condolences to the families. . im sorry they have to suffer for some one elses mistakes. . .

  14. Please do not make assumptions about these young men without having the facts. They were NOT gang members. It’s not strange for people to go out on a Friday night and pick up food, chips, or whatever. I’m much older than these young men and I’ve done it.
    My heart goes out to the families, and the thought of losing two sons in one moment is so dreadful….
    Compassion for the victims and the families, please, people. It does not help to assail their reputations; what helps is trying to reduce the violence in the area, which we can and should all work together to do.
    This is a beautiful community with lovely schools, parks, and people. We need to figure out a way to honor the loss of these young men as well as the others who have lost their life to violence.
    If anyone has any information about memorial services please publish it as long as they’re open.
    My prayers are with you all.

  15. look @ no one, im sorry you think like that! i live in the neighborhood and went to school with one of the victims, i for a fact knew these guys were not from any gang, and if there were avenues gang members there paying there respect it is because all of this community grew up together! so in one way or another you will know them! And as well as these gang members get pissed of when some one is killed like that in their own neighborhood! so please with all respect don’t make assumptions.

  16. I live in this neighborhood too and it’s crazy to hear about all this violence. I feel for the three young kids who got caught in this ugly mess. We are all neighbors in this community, sadly even gangsters as well. These kids probably associated with local gangsters from time to time as they all probably grew up together which may have identified them as gang asscociates from rival gansters. They maybe even dressed similar, hood fahsion wear is hood fashon wear and walking late at night in this area eqauls not a very good idea. Rest peace to the victims and peace to all of the North East LA communities.

  17. I really would love to see whoever did this to a loving father and husband son and brother behind bars these wannabe gangster are just plain stupid and u if you think that just because u go buy what ever u have to go buy at the store makes u a gangster either u are a dumbass or a really ignorant person I’m a girl who walked to the neighborhood liquor store at 1am for milk for my baby the streets are for everyone not just for gangsters people. rip Jose and Sammy u will be missed dearly.

  18. Rest In Peace Sammy And Jose
    You Guys Will Truely Be Missed

    Gang Members Or Not, They Sure Didn’t Deserve This!

    @gp: Amen To What You Said
    Avenue Gang Members Were There Paying Their Respects To The Family
    Cuz Hell Yeah We All Grew Up Together
    Just Cuz They Get In The Hood Don’t Mean We’re Gonna Stop Talking

    Don’t Be So Close Minded
    Be Aware That Now Days, Innocent People Pay The Price 🙁

  19. I haven’t been in the neighborhood for a while now, but it seems like things haven’t changed. I remember attending 3 funerals in one year due to the same violence.

    These new gang members (if this WAS part of an initiation) are so naive and very brutal.

    My prayers go out to the family. May you be strong through this horrible ordeal.


  20. How do you buy chips at 1:am from a store that closes at 11:pm?


    I lived in the Glassell Park Area All my life and the Gangbanging will never stop. Young Kids are Recruited All The Time i grew up here and it never seems to be calm. Now N Days stupid ignorant gangsters go to their rival gangs territory and will shoot at anyone that seems gang related to them its so cowardly. I Knew Sammy i went to school with him since elemantary he was a good kid no type of gang affiliation and his brother went to college and he was alos non affiliated its so sad for their parents and young brother who i also know it brakes my heart and i hope they catch the dirty mother fuckers who did this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Little gangbanging idiots who don’t know how to spell respect, demand it. They need to know there’s a bigger world out there than their sacred “hood’. I was raised in Boyle Heights and I always knew there was a bigger world outside my community. I never will understand why these young people don’t see that.

  23. they werent in gangs they were.hard working kids. May my dear beloved cousins rest in paradise. They did not deserve this,they had a whole life.ahead of them. The good die young. Almost a yr since their.death&the.family is still.suffering,lapd has not found the ones responsible for taking two innocent lives away. We need justice!

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