DWP construction scares away Silver Lake Halloween party

For several Halloweens now, the area northwest of the Silver Lake reservoirs had become a trick-or-treat hot spot, with Armstrong Avenue and other nearby streets closed for an annual Halloween Block Party.  But, next month, Halloween will come and go without the neighborhood celebration. The reason?  The installation of a new underground DWP water line that was supposed to have been completed this summer continues to drag on, leaving West Silver Lake Drive near Armstrong Avenue with gaping, 30-foot-deep holes in the pavement.  Construction on this section of the River Supply Conduit Improvement Project  is now scheduled to be completed in November, prompting the cancellation of this year’s Halloween Block Party.

“The Halloween event had to be canceled for safety reason,” said Stephanie Mar, a spokesman for Councilman Tom LaBonge, whose office usually introduces a City Council motion to block the streets.  “We’ve actually heard from residents that it might be a good idea to cancel given the construction.”

Silver Lake resident Blake Lamb, who has taken his child to the Halloween Block Party in years past, said he will miss this year’s event. “It would probably be dangerous for all the kids to be around it.  But it’s too bad since in years past it has been such a great, safe place to trick or treat.”

While work on the pipeline project on West Silver Lake is scheduled to end in November, construction on other portions, including a section on Riverside Drive, are not expected to be completed until 2012. Talk about scary.

Click here for an update of street closures and a schedule of upcoming work for River Supply Conduit Improvement Project


  1. They did, however, allow an approximately 15,000 person marathon to run along the construction site, Sunday Oct. 24. Not only are we dealing with the noise of construction during the day – we also had to deal with the noise of marathon set-up, all during the night before the event!! What’s scary is that the city (or at least, Tom Labonge’s office) is thinking about raising property taxes for those who live immediately around and along the lake. Not only do we have to deal with construction noise, we also have to deal with people parking in our driveways, making considerable noises as they get in and out of there cars to walk the lake, etc…. Hard to believe they want to actually increase our property taxes. Now, THAT’S REALLY SCARY.

  2. I can’t believe what the people living there have had to put up with. I walk past there every day – it’s not NEAR done. I pity the fool who actually believes anything the DWP says at all.

    Look forward to the new lies about when all the other parts of this construction will be completed. Of course the whole thing was actually due 4 YEARS ago.

  3. does any one no where we can bring the kids this year? dwp maybe dragging there feet but have we come up w an alternative? where should we bring our kids this year?

  4. And it continues. Even on Saturday, the DWP work marches on… and on and on. On November 11th, it was quiet – so, quiet, we wondered what happened. Forgot it was a holiday. On that day, those of us who were home remembered what it was like before the construction noise – a very quiet and wonderful neighborhood. Whenever I’ve called to complain about it – either to Tom Labonge’s office or directly to DWP, they always want to know where I live – as if this is important. I tell them, I live in a construction zone!”. It would seem where I live is more important than finishing the construction and allowing all of us to return to normal.

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