Graffiti artists prepare for grand opening of Echo Park spray-paint can store

An Echo Park resident snapped the above photo late this morning as a graffiti artist worked on a mobile canvas – a van, in this case – parked near Montana LA, the new “paint boutique” that will cater to graffiti artist with 4,000 cans of high-end, German-made spray paint. Montana LA is scheduled to hold a grand opening tonight for its store on Sunset Boulevard near Laveta Terrace with a  “live painting” by Ma’claim.

Photo by Dean Decent


  1. Hope this store has a strong security alarm system…

  2. I can see the celebration has begun with a new round of tagging on Laguna. I’m tempted to open a pressure-washer store next to the spray paint store.

  3. this is sooooo annoying. i’m putting 311 on my speed dial

  4. @SC: that store has been open for the past month or two. This is just to get people to go since there are other stores like it all over of Los
    Angeles and I’m sure they aren’t making the money they thought they would make.

    @Libertad: I hope so too haha

  5. taggers don’t buy high-end spray paint, people.

  6. Watch for the grand opening of my new store, featuring high-end trash and designer debris to serve the needs of local litterbugs.

  7. It’s not just for graff artists. If you feel like spray painting that metal outdoor furniture on the patio, you can either choose one of the four colors at Home Stinko or choose from 300 awesome colors at this store.

    And taggers don’t buy $6 cans of spray paint.

  8. I’m relieved to learn from those commenters “in the know” that our legion of spendthrift taggers wouldn’t dare waste their precious and limited scratch buying such expensive spray paint.

    Of course they wouldn’t think about stealing it either.

  9. Not to sure what to think… I don’t really think that this is a good place for this store. I seen them spray painting that big junky vehicle, right there on sunset blvd. No protection for the people who parked in front of or behind it. What about over spray? I was trying to eat at Patra’s when the smell of spray hit me. Gave me an instant headache. I also had noticed that Laguna ave * which actually remained graffiti free for a few weeks * Is now all tagged up. During the day. BROAD DAYLIGHT!.
    I’m really tired of the residents in this neighborhood not speaking up. That corner on laguna and laveta is horrible. You got the local winos/ex drug addicts hanging out there on laguna. I am pretty sure they were there when the people tagged on that apartment.

  10. yeah, will. taggers are going to break into this store to steal spray paint. because it’s not readily available at countless hardware stores in this city.

  11. i think it was patra that gave you the headache, you just happen to smell the paint at the same time.

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