Police continue to search for suspects in Glassell Park killings

The shooters who killed brothers Jose Martinez, 24, and Samuel Martinez, 20, and critically injured their cousin in Glassell Park early Saturday morning remain at large, police said today. The brothers were walking to their Cypress Park home after going to a store with their cousin, 19-year-old Marvin Gonzalez, when they were confronted by suspects in the 2900 block of Division Street, which serves as a border between two area gangs.  The suspects then opened fire, leaving the Martinez brothers with fatal head wounds, said Det. P.J. Morris of the Northeast Division.  Their cousin, Gonzales, remains in critical condition.  Morris said the the Martinez brothers and Gonzales were not affiliated with a gang.


  1. The alley behind 2900 Division was where 3 year old Stephanie Kuhen was murdered in 1995.

  2. What is the point of pointing out that crime again and agian…That was 15 years ago. Move on!

  3. lol@Blackbird. Spoken like someone who’s done some time.

  4. @Ruby- why would a request to move on from a tragedy that has been haunting our neighborhood suggest BlackBird has any convictions or is a felon? your message was a perfect definition of verbal ignorance

    I am a resident of this area and the tragedy of Stephanie Kuhen is a very dark era of this neighborgood that even people like me who had nothhing to do with that shooting and have no gang ties but is simply a productive member of this neighborhood wish it would have never happened, and bringing the topic over and over like HIPPOCKETS previously did revives this dark and shameful moment in Glassell/Cypress park history.

  5. North East Resident

    What really sucks is that as young Latino men we cannot go outside to enjoy ourselves without being a target by low lives or police harassment . We are either the rival gangsters or the suspects. The first thing that needs to stop is the stereotyping by people that don’t even know who we are. We deserve or, better yet we have the right to walk, run, drive, live life without this non-sense. People saying we shouldn’t be out this late, we are grown men (hard workers, brothers, sons, fathers) we are not going to be prisoners in our own neighborhood for anyone! Martinez Brothers Rest Peacefully!

  6. this is such a terrible thing, i feel for their family. NE Resident is absolutely right.

  7. L.A.P.D Step It Up!

    Martinez Brothers were innocent residents of your District North East L.A.P.D Officers. And there is nothing mentioned in your website about this tragic event. And also North East L.A.P.D you didn’t even do a press conference.What a shame! I cannot understand how the L.A.P.D allowed these cowards to get away even though you were at the scene within a few minutes. I will like to see the police report on how the police officers conducted this crime scene and search. It is only obvious that the cowards that did this only live a few blocks away (detectives). There had to be witnesses too. A mother lost two sons in a terrible manner. Have a heart and stand up if you have information. I cannot see the North East Police Department or Community to allow these cowards to walk freely in our neighborhood. We all need to do our part to bring justice for the Martinez Family. Martinez Brothers Rest Peacefully!

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