Save the Date: Weekend Edition

Everyone grab a broom and a shovel. You will need these tools on Saturday to participate in several community clean ups and work “parties” scheduled for Elysian Heights Elementary, Debs Park, Elyria Canyon and the Hermon Dog Park (better bring gloves for that one). This Sunday should be renamed Green Day in light of a Sustainability Summit in Silver Lake, a Greywater Seminar in Glassell Park and a fall planting workshop in Highland Park. In addition to clean and green events this weekend,  “100 years of Food & Revolution”  opens in East Los Angeles, a Bicycle Beauty Pageant and fundraiser will be held in Atwater and a Peace Day Picnic and a lecture on disaster are scheduled for Echo Park. More to do in Save the Date.

Photo by Bearden/Flickr


  1. What Ed Reyes needs is to learn some RESPECT for other people’s right to peace and quiet. There should be NO special event permits without notifying the neighbors. No one is above the law. And, certainly people have the right to be notified anytime their peace is disturbed. But Ed Reyes does not care about other people’s peace as long as his is not disturbed. He allows Divine Saviour Catholic Church to boom their boom box for 2 days and nights and has no concern for the neighbors. Lecture him for peace and quiet and some RESPECT.

  2. Hey Susan I think a few knobs fell off your tinfoil hat. What the hell does Ed Reyes have to do with this posting about a community clean up project?

  3. How about cleaning up the air waves? Forced religion is a separation of church and state. That is why this country has thousands of noise laws on its books. That is why there was a Federal Office of Noise Enforcement. That is why LAPD was a special “noise enforcement team”.

    Get Educated.

  4. Susan, you instructing anyone to “get educated” after rambling off that disjointed rant, is irony at its finest. You wonder why people don’t take you seriously? And I know you’ve been told countless times, but it bears repeating: You catch more flies with honey than vinegar, sweetheart.

  5. Loopy lady opens mouth, loopiness comes out.

  6. I’m with Darren (and Aldo) on this:

    ‘Get Educated.’

    Coming from Crazy McRambler, that’s rich.

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