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A neighbor of Silver Lake blogger Diane Edwardson came across the spider pictured above in the pergola above his front gate. Jonathan Vandiveer said the spider has been busy doing what spiders do:

“It had been making some extremely big webs lately (I think). Some of them, tens of feet wide. Watch your small dogs and cats!”

Edwardson, who earlier came across an equally scary-looking and mysterious plant, is now seeking help to identify this hairy-legged Silver Lake resident.

Photo by Jonathan Vandiveer


  1. those spiders come out in the summer i run into them every year in the summer time . in debs park when i jog in the evening they are harmless they do bite i got bit by those spiders before “

  2. My God! How big is that thing?!

  3. That appears to be a common orb-weaver spider. Those are the guys that get up to about the size of a quarter and spin large webs across the spans of walkways late summer-early winter every year. They can bite but their venom is not dangerous to humans.

  4. Just noticed the new mobile version – love it! Thanks, Eastsider!

  5. This was my shot.
    Ruby – The spider’s thorax (the bulbous body segment) was about 1-1.5″ in diameter. A whole lot bigger than a quarter.

    I’ve seen this one before at this time of year but this has to be the biggest one I’ve seen yet.

    (btw- this was shot with my iPhone.)

  6. whoa! thats huge! what do they eat? small children?

  7. That’s a good picture from the iPhone. The spider is quite scary looking! Yikes!!

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