Do possums prefer Starbucks lattes or cappuccinos?

Customers who stopped by the Echo Park Starbucks this morning were surprised to find the shop closed and a large thermos placed outside with free coffee.  An employee of the Starbucks – located inside a Lucy’s laundry – said the store closed Thursday at 5 P.M. after a possum was  spotted in the backroom. Could it have been a large rat? Nope.  “Oh, it’s a possum,” said the employee emphatically. A laundry employee said he also saw a possum, which is believed to have entered the building at Sunset Boulevard and Mohawk Street through a doorway. A trap was set for the animal last night. But this morning the bait was gone and the cage was empty.  Laundry manager Maria Sanchez said she has seen coyotes wander outside the building but never  a possum. “Very intelligent,” Sanchez said of possums.

After making sure the animal was gone, the Starbucks employee said she received approval to reopen the store early this afternoon. Customers could help themselves to free coffee until the store reopens – unless of course that possum comes back for a refill.


  1. Um possums aren’t mean. Is this a verman closer?

  2. I’m I gonna get deleteds even if I write up on this one too?

  3. We should be deleted for our spelling!

  4. There’s a Starbucks in Echo Park?

  5. Yes and opossums too!

  6. If the ‘possum was spotted at 5 pm, I would think he’d been there all day since the night before. Five pm seems too early for it to have been out and about.

  7. The possum was just there for his free afternoon drink, had dropped his receipt, and was searching for it everywhere.
    Just another hipster in disguise?

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