Residents talk trash about Echo Park condos

A proposal to build eight skinny townhouses – each less than 20 feet wide –  on the corner of Echo Park Avenue and Avalon Street has led some neighbors to oppose the project, with residents expressing concerns about the density and height of the project.  Now, one resident has raised another issue: where will the trash cans going to go?  The resident altered the developer’s rendering of the project (above) to provide an idea of what Avalon will look like on trash day:

“The architect or engineer forgot to include trash cans in their rendering so I decided to do that for them.  This is what trash day would look like, 8 single family residences, = 24 trash cans.”

The city’s Planning Department, which is reviewing a request to subdivide  the corner property into eight separate lots, has postponed a decision until September 20.


  1. That’s actually an excellent point. This thing is begging for an alleyway.

  2. thats a bit of a stretch… each unit needs a yard waste bin?

    do they even have yards?

    a single dumpster would surely suffice, and likely 2 or 3 recycling bins for 8 units

  3. They’d use a dumpster service. And I don’t really understand the outrage. Every house puts out bins on trash day.

  4. To Ryan
    Not a stretch at all. According to the developer, he is building LEED which includes needing a sufficient amount of open space and landscaping. According to the engineer, each unit will be required to have trash, recycling, and green bins. Think about it. The developer is applying to build 8 SINGLE FAMILY RESIDENCES, in other words, 8 houses. Not a stretch. Look up what The DWP requires for single family residences. No sharing of any waste bins.

  5. LOL, do they think we live in Naples, Italy where trash will go uncollected and out in full display for months on end?? Trash day is once a week (and only for a few hours at that) so chill and pick a more worthy cause to put your Photoshop skills to the test.

  6. and you prefer a vacant lot ? trash day is once a week. pretty random grumble.

  7. I don’t know what perfect world some of you live in but in the LA I live in and neighborhoods I visit the trash cans come out the day before and are often left there for a day or two after…not to mention that it would add to the confusion when people trying to get out of their garage would have to move their trash containers…where? and then have to park the car to go back to put the trash containers back where they were…with the same bad traffic causing problem happening when they came home and wanted to use the garage again (these places do have garages, yes?)
    Now I can see that individual families might not need to put out a recycling blue and/or recycling green can every week, but it’s still going to create problems.
    Sometimes an empty lot is an opportunity for better ideas…

  8. Looks like my street every Wednesday… Ahhh, Los Angeles, city with the most poorly thought out planning in the US.

    Of course when you’ve won the “ugliest city contest” forty years in a row, there’s little you can do to make it worse… I say just go for it.

  9. Gabriele – You just reminded me, what’s going to happen to all the street parking those eight units will take up with their garage doors??

  10. Really??? I get my post denied because I point out that our city is not attractive???

  11. Since I am the person who made the image, I will try to answer the questions.
    Billy: “I really don’t understand the outgrage.” That’s ok.
    “every house puts out trash bins on trash day.” Yes.
    Ben: No, I don’t think we live in Naples. I do suggest that you buy one of these though and move in. My neighbors and I will laugh at you when you have to move your garbage cans and your roommate’s car (tandem parking garage) just to back your car out of your garage, blocking traffic coming down Avalon and cars turning onto Avalon from Exho Park Ave. Then we will laugh at your roommate when he/she has to do it too. It’s only once a week. Now I’m “chill,” thanks.
    bb: Yes, I would prefer an empty lot over what the developer is proposing. To expand on this, I am not anti-development and I don’t want the lot to remain empty. I would love to have something on there that the Silverlake-Echo Park-Elysian Valley Community Plan intended us to have.

  12. You must realize, while the term condo is being used, this is NOT your traditional condo project. These are being divided into separate lots, not one lot with several units. As such, they get individual trash cans picked up by the city, not privately contracted trash bins — as the developer even has said.

    And I’ll bet you those cans stay out front all week, even if just to the side of the garage door, as too often is the case at too many people’s homes. But in this case, with the building built wall to wall, there isn’t much space to put then out of sight.

    I live in an overbuilt 10-unit apartment building in Silver Lake which, until a couple years ago, had city trash can service thanks to some grandfathering and some loopholes (they finally changed over to a bin a couple years ago). It was a horror every trash day. And yes, the trash cans blocked the garages, so people would move them to get out and then just leave them in the wrong place and drive off, so some would not even get picked up. At least we had someone who was very diligent about handling them as best as could be, which wasn’t very good; don’t count on such diligence in this project or with what is guaranteed to be continual turnover of short-term residents there.

    I don’t give a damn if the city now has zoning laws allowing for this.
    Those are zoning laws that need to be discarded. Any such project that is the width of a trailer and three stories tall is a horror and guaranteed to become a slum as it ages (if not sooner). Zoning laws like that are incredibly short sighted; zoning regulators and planners who create them need to find another line of work. We don’t need to plan horrors. Only an insane person — or a gouger — would plan a three-story tall trailer!

  13. @ J Your post was not denied. I just make it a habit not to review and approve/reject comments while driving.

  14. Yes we in Echo Park like vacant lots.
    Or hey why not build single family homes with yards.
    Crammed together condos do not work here!

  15. I have a better idea…why don’t they move this down to the lot next to changos where the last failed hipster-with-some-money enclave resides.

  16. ..and developers..if you’re reading. Don’t do it. That lot is nothing but bad juju. The past 10 years it has been empty, a beat down car garage, a car wash to raise money for teens killed by gunfire, a tile company that was rude and a mess, a lowrider garage, a vegetable-oil gas station that was shut down before it could even open. Am I forgetting any? If there is any truth to location, location, location, you’d be better off investing in google stocks.

    Or you could just go look at that lot next to Changos. They had the same grand idea until no one wanted them. Abort!

  17. Marcia_in_Echo Park

    Deadline for submitting official comments extended to Sept. 20th

    Echo Park Ave. & Avalon St. (CASE #VTT-70653-SL)

    Sent comments to Sarah-Molina-Pearson at City of L.A.
    sarah.molina-pearson@lacity.org (email preferred) or call 213-473-9983

    Oppose Loft Development at Echo Park Ave. & Avalon St.
    Residents in Echo Park were recently informed that a real estate developer has applied for a permit to build massive lofts on a small vacant lot in our residential neighborhood.

    The project is totally out of scale with the historic nature and character of this Echo Park neighborhood.

    The Developer is asking the City of LA to sub-divide a commercially zoned lot at the corner of Avalon St. and Echo Park Ave. to shoe-horn in 8 single-family “work/live lofts”.

    Towering over the rest of the neighborhood, the lofts will be built to the maximum allowable height – 4+ STORIES (45 feet) taking up the entire lots of 1910 N. Echo Park Ave. and 1615 W. Avalon St., leaving no open space.

    Plans show that 8 new garages (with stack parking) will line Avalon St., requiring drivers to back out into the street, crossing over the sidewalk, while looking out for traffic coming in three directions, right at the busy corner of Echo Park Ave.

    Avalon Street is used as a thoroughfare for residents of surrounding streets, and families with children walking to our many neighboring schools and day care centers. This proposed development is unsafe as currently planned.

    ACT NOW – the City will be making their decision on whether to issue change the zoning of this lot by Sept. 20th

    (CASE #VTT-70653-SL)
    Send comments to Sarah Molina-Pearson at City of L.A.

    Please email avalon.echopark@gmail.com to get more information.

    Residents surrounding the vacant lot are not against development, just the large inappropriate development currently proposed. Please help protect the character and safety of our Echo Park neighborhood.

  18. Oppose the Avalon Sub-Division!!! Please!!
    The first notice they sent (in English only), gave 10 days notice, which is not acceptable!!
    Letters or emails for public file, greatly restrict the city’s approval:
    Send or email to:
    Sarah Molina-Pearson (City Planning)
    200 North Spring Street, City Hall, Rm 721, LA, CA 90012
    Sarah Molina-Pearson@LACity.org
    & also to:
    Katherine Hennigan (Planning Deputy, District 13):

  19. Yeah Steven , b4 u moved here from wherever , it was guy and dougs automotive , which was a place a lot of us in the neighborhood used to take our cars to . It was not a “low rider” builder etc… yes , it did become a bunch of garbage after , but guy and dougs served the community for years…so long ago .

    This project really just seems awful in this spot .

  20. Peeptoe — a correction: this project really just seems awful in ANY spot!

  21. yeah , ok u r right ! ANY SPOT

  22. so these are condos, which means there would be an hoa, which means they could surely figure out a better solution to the trash thing than 24 bins on the street once a week, no? and people will not likely be responsible for their own green stuff, they will have a landscaper come as frequently as dictated by the hoa. i own a condo in echo park and we use two dumpsters and 6 recycling bins for about 50 units. theres no yard waste bin; it’s hauled away by the landscapers.

  23. never mind, just read that they are individual lots/addresses. so no hoa then i guess.

  24. As I understand it, these are not individually owned units on common property; these are subdivided into separate lots, smaller size lots than usual, and each individually owned and individually maintained. These are not really “condos,” people have just mistakenly attached that term to them. These are small size, individually owned houses, not condos.

    Regardless, these are the size of a trailer but three stories tall. When did that property get rezoned to allow for a trailer park! Just because these monstrosities are three stories tall should not allow them outside a trailer park!

  25. peeptoe.. I lived here a few years when it was an auto garage. They were nice. The lowrider garage was later, in the front part. They were nice too but I guess couldn’t make it worth renting.

  26. If you are interested in either helping us organize and do community outreach (because the developer is intentionally avoiding it), or just getting more information, please email us with your information at avalon.echopark@gmail.com

  27. Another development uh… Why doesn’t someone finish that ugly mess across from the Magic Gas and Changos, before we launch into another suspect devlopment.

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