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Capt. Bill Murphy of the Northeast Division, which stretches from Echo Park and Silver Lake to Eagle Rock and Highland Park, included some statistics in his most recent email newsletter that showed how major crime – such as murder, assaults, robbery and burglaries – has declined from 2001 to 2009 across the division. The drop has continued this year, with a more than 5% decline drop in reported major crimes through Sept 18 compared to same period last year.In fact, last week, the Northeast Division, which includes about 250,000 residents, reported only 67 crimes. “That was the lowest crime week we have had all year (probably in many years),” Murphy said in his email. However, while violent crimes and murder showed steep drops, burglaries were up more than 25% and rapes rose  more than 70% from 24 so far this year from 14 in 2009.

Click on the link below for more stats and Murphy’s spotlight on neighborhood crime issues, including illegal towing in Echo Park, stolen cars in Eagle Rock, daytime burglaries in Eagle Rock and the arrest of a Highland Park man suspected of dozens of vehicle break ins across the area.

From: Captain Bill Murphy

Subject: Northeast (NOE) Newsletter

Hello everyone. Just wanted to send out a brief newsletter to update everyone on upcoming events and crime information.

Sorry this Newsletter is late – I was assigned to Rampart Area for the protests over the officer involved shooting (OIS) involving the Guatemalan immigrant. Many outside agitators joined the protests and were probably responsible for a significant amount of the violence. Know that the Police Department will be transparent on this shooting and Chief Beck has promised an expeditious investigation. Rampart Area has been working very hard on improving community relations in the Westlake Area. The Central American Parade and Festival held over this past weekend was peaceful.

How to sign up for the Northeast (NOE) Newsletter

I always get email requests from people who get sent a copy of the NOE newsletter – and then ask me to add them to the e-mail list. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult for me to add you on our end (it’s complicated – epolicing is a Citywide program and the networks are downtown). However, it is very easy to sign up – just go our website – lapdonline.org Then click on the “epolicing” icon and add your address/zip code and you will start to receive all e-mail blasts and the newsletters. Thanks for your understanding.

Upcoming Events

  • Community – Police Advisory Board

C-PAB Initiative:

C-PAB Initiative:

  • Businesses for Law Enforcement in Northeast Division
  • 2nd Annual Drew/Estara Block Party
  • Northeast Police Station Open House
  • Northeast Carnival

– We will sponsor a carnival in November – date and times TBD. The proceeds from the carnival will support Northeast Youth Programs. – On Saturday October 30, 2010, between 10 AM – 3 PM. Come take a tour of the police station and see the many exhibits on display. We will have a “Halloween” theme with a pumpkin patch and a Halloween costume contest (prizes to the winners). The entire event is free so come on down with the kids and enjoy. – On Saturday October 2, 2010, between 10 AM to 2 PM. Please come and celebrate the renewal of this neighborhood – free food and entertainment will be provided. We are also selling the “CLUB” steering wheel locking device for $11 at Northeast Station, 3353 San Fernando Road, Monday through Friday between 8 AM to 4 PM. We ask that you have either the $11 in cash or make a check out to “BLEND.” (BLEND) – The next BLEND meeting will be on Wednesday October 27, 2010, at 8 AM, Northeast Station. If you are interested in becoming a member ple ase stop by the meeting. We have been giving out sanitation trash bin stickers (provides scavenging warning) to the public. If your trash bin does not have one, please contact the Northeast Community Relations Office at (213) 485-2548. There are also some available in the front lobby. (C-PAB) next meeting – On Monday September 27, 2010, at 6 PM, at Northeast Station, 3353 San Fernando Road. Come participate in discussing community issues and developing solutions to our crime and quality of life problems.

Crime Terminology

187: Homicide

211: Robbery

BTFV: Car break-in

GTA: Car theft

AGG: Shooting, stabbing, or assault not resulting in death

459: Burglary of a residence or business

261: Sexual Assault (rape)

Crime Strategy Terminology

Bait Car – Undercover operation where we bring in a plain vehicle and load it with desirable goods (IPOD, GPS, Cigarettes, etc) and hope someone breaks into the car as we are watching. These operations (OPS) are based upon crime statistics.

Decoy Car – Place an unmanned Black & White police car at a location and move it every few hours. Gives impression police are at location.

H/IDE – Spilt a police unit (2 officers) into two cars and they slowly patrol an area with their lights on. Gives impression some police OPS is going on in the area – keeps criminals away.

Red Zone – All traffic violators are given a ticket – no breaks (used to decrease traffic collisions and crime in an area).

Zero Tolerance – Strict enforcement of all laws (everyone goes to jail – even for a minor traffic warrant). Used to reduce gang/violent crime activity.

Parole and Probation Sweeps – Targeted checks on parolees and probationers.

Buy Bust OPS – Take down the narco street dealers and then act as dealers – then arrest the buyers.

Trick Task Force – Take down “Johns” who want to pick up prostitutes.

Volunteer Surveillance Team (VST) – Use VST (civilian volunteers) members to watch an area and report activity. Used for graffiti/truant/curfew/scalping activities.

NOE Crime Update

The year to date (YTD) crime statistics will cover from January 1, 2010 through September 18 24, 2010. I will also comment on crime trends from September 12th through today (September 23, 2010).

YTD Violent Crime: Down 21.6%

YTD Property Crime: Down 1.5%

YTD Part I (total): Down 5.2%

YTD Homicide: Down 66.7% (4 vs. 12, two-year trend 4 vs. 23 = 83% reduction)

YTD Rape: Up 71.4% (up 10 crimes, 24 vs. 14)

YTD Burglary: Up 25.8%

YTD Gang: Down 40.0%

  • We have 218 less serious Part I crimes YTD
  • We have made tremendous progress in reducing our property crime over the past 6 weeks
  • Burglary (residential mostly) is by far our worst crime problem YTD
  • The vast majority of rapes are acquaintance (former spouses, boyfriends/co-workers – only three unsolved cases)
  • Northeast is currently ranked 3rd in violent crime reduction, 19th in property crime reduction and 14th in Part I crime reduction (Citywide out of 21 police stations)
  • We are currently beating our goal of achieving a 5% reduction in overall crime
  • Last week we had only 67 total crimes (107 is the number to achieve a 5% crime reduction). That was the lowest crime week we have had all year (probably in many years).

Neighborhood Crime Update

Echo Park

Had a few property crimes last week (BTFV). This week looks real good – only two BTFVs associated with Dodger Stadium. Pay attention to tow trucks. We have arrested several tow truck drivers who have taken vehicles without having proper paperwork/permission (say from an owner of a parking lot who posts no parking signs). This is a scam as the charge the vehicle owners $300 to get their car back.

Elysian Valley

Very clear since September 12th – no crimes.

Silver Lake

Very clear – maybe the best I have seen in all year.

Franklin Hills

Very clear – same as above – great 11-day period.

Los Feliz

Again very clear.

East Hollywood

Looks good. A few property crimes – no trends or patterns.

Eagle Rock

Last week we had a pattern of GTAs occurring between mid-night to 6 AM. We sent our Special Problems Unit (SPU) into the area and this week it has cleared up.

We have a crime trend with Toyota Tacoma’s trucks being stolen in the area over the past couple of months. These vehicles were being sold in the San Fernando Valley (and other locations outside of LA County) at greatly reduced prices. Remember the old adage – if it’s too good to be true it probably isn’t. When the buyers went to the DMV to register the vehicles, they found out that the vehicles were stolen, costing them the money they used to buy the vehicles.

We have worked this crime trend with detectives from our Commercial Crimes Division (Police Headquarters) and made some arrests. Looks better, but some of the suspects (called a crime crew) involved in this activity are still on the loose – so be aware if you own a Tacoma.

Cypress Park

No trends or patterns. A few crimes mostly between 6 PM to midnight.

Glassell Park

Had a couple of early daytime burglaries (unusual) – otherwise looks good. Chief of Police Charlie Beck (COP) attended the Glassell Park Improvement Association meeting last Thursday night. They had a good turnout and the COP answered questions about crime and the status of building a new Northeast Community Police Station (he supports – still need to find additional funding).

Atwater Village

Very clear.

Mount Washington

Very clear.

Highland Park

We had an attempt kidnap of a 12-year old girl who walked down an alley enroute to Burbank Middle School. We held a major press conference that received tremendous press coverage. Several leads have come in from residents and other law enforcement agencies. Hopefully, we will get a lead that points us towards the suspect. If anyone has any information regarding this crime please call Northeast Robbery Detectives @ 213-847-4270.

We identified a serial BFMV suspect that probably was responsible for dozens of car break-ins throughout Northeast and Hollenbeck Areas. We conducted a Bait Car OPS in front of his house. Sadly for him, he could not help himself and broke into the car (we immediately arrested him). Last week we only had 13 BTFVs (our goal is 34/week) and his arrest was a major reason for this reduction.

The overall crime in Highland Park looks good. We have some afternoon (noon till 6 PM) crime just west of Figueroa in the 50-60 block of the Avenues.

Note: We will be opening the sub-station at the LAPD Museum on Mondays and Fridays (two days a week) between 11:00 AM to 3 PM. A police officer will be available to answer questions and take crime reports if needed.

Historical Crime Data

2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 *YTD
Homi 38 26 20 18 21 25 19 26 16 4
RAPE 60 71 60 43 41 34 32 39 20 24
ROBB 757 703 698 531 541 525 526 465 460 305
AGG 1596 1476 1353 1200 829 706 725 641 549 278
BURG 1349 1402 1242 1082 1098 948 818 771 624 543
Theft 1779 1891 1626 1546 1540 1512 1388 1304 1144 865
BTFV 2271 2552 2249 2323 2037 1599 1742 1977 1831 1286
GTA 1856 1831 1931 1648 1989 1615 1463 1458 1250 684
TOTAL PART ONE 9706 9952 9179 8391 8096 6964 6713 6681 5894 3989

Think you can see we have changed crime a lot!


  1. I didn’t report my Toyota grille that was ripped off my car two days ago in Eagle Rock.

  2. It’s those damn white hipsters with their non-violent lifestyles. Bunch of pussies.

  3. Well I rather not have any violence or crimes at all, i rather have pussies, than stupid neighborhood crimes and burglaries.

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