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News and items from other parts of the blog and beyond. Updated throughout the day. Police activity in Echo Park tonight. Eastside 911 East L.A. residents get new utility poles – and a show. Eastsider Forums Distraction burglars strike in Silver Lake. Eastside 911 Read More »

Police activity in Echo Park *

Residents living near Echo Park and Montana avenues report the presence of at least half a dozen squad cars at about 7:30 PM as a police helicopter hovers overhead. One resident with a scanner said police have detained three out of four suspects in connection with ... Read More »

East L.A. residents get new utility poles and a show

East Los Angeles resident C.J. Salgado wrote this tribute to the utility workers – and their giant cranes – that installed new utility poles and equipment across East Los Angeles last month. During the month of September many residents in East L.A. awoke to find their ... Read More »

Distraction burglars strike in Silver Lake

Two men who posed as telephone company employees burglarized a home in the 1100 block of Hyperion Avenue near Sunset Boulevard late last week in what police said was a “distraction burglary.”  In an LAPD Community Alert, Senior Lead officers Al Polehonki and Lenny Davis provided ... Read More »

Echo Park reading list, circa 2005

The former Echo Park Newsstand, which was hauled off by the city earlier this year for permit violations, once served as a handy gauge of the neighborhood’s tastes and interests. Echo Park resident Steve Nereo snapped the above photo of the newsstand, located on Echo Park ... Read More »