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Daily Archives: October 15, 2010

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News and items from other parts of the blog. Updated during the day. Remembering what Day of the Dead is all about. Eastsider Forums Read More »

Remembering what Dia de Los Muertos is all about

East Los Angeles resident C.J. Salgado wrote this story after a visit to the Day of Dead art workshops at Self Graphics. Story and photos by C.J. Salgado This past Saturday I decided to attend the Day of the Dead community arts workshops put on by ... Read More »

Save the Date: Weekend Edition

Do dogs like dressing up in costume?  Well,  the dogs that don’t seem to mind dressing up for their owners will be strutting their stuff at the Atwater Village Howl O Ween Parade and costume contest on Sunday. Humans, meanwhile, will find plenty to keep them ... Read More »

Don’t get screwed on Park Drive this morning

An early morning walk along Park Drive near Elysian Park this morning revealed that the Echo Park street was littered with dry wall screws (pictured at right). The woman  who picked some of them up wanted to warn motorists to watch their tires if they travel ... Read More »

What’s with all the trash at Echo Park & Sunset? *

An Echo Park resident last Sunday took the above photo of an overflowing trash can at the northeast corner of Sunset Boulevard and Echo Park Avenue. That trash is still there as of this morning. Another trash can is also overflowing in plain sight one block ... Read More »