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News & items from other parts of the blog & beyond. Debs Park dog attack reported. Eastside 911 Echo Park car vandalized after a weekend-long stay. Eastside 911 Can old fourplexes inspire new buildings? Home & History Read More »

Debs Park dog attack reported

A Montecito Heights resident named Pat and his wife were walking their dog near the hilltop lake at Debs Park late Monday afternoon when two off-leash dogs pounced on their pet. The owner the two dogs stood by without offering to help. Here’s what happened: “Our ... Read More »

Echo Park car gets vandalized after a weekend-long stay

A driver named David parked his car on Lake Shore Avenue near Montana Street in Echo Park over the weekend.  The vehicle looked fine when he checked on Sunday night but, on Monday morning, David found his windshield (pictured) had been smashed several times for no ... Read More »

Can old fourplexes inspire new buildings?

This 1914, mint-green Lincoln Heights apartment building, which recently went up for sale, serves as a well preserved example of a fourplex. The fourplex, along with its sisters, the duplex and triplex, emerged as a popular form of multifamily construction  in Eastside neighborhoods  during the early ... Read More »

Dear Eastsider: What to do with Ed’s “collection”

Ed is a homeless man who lives near Glendale Boulevard and Effie Street in Echo Park, part of a small but growing homeless settlement. Ed collects stuff - everything from clothing and plants to furniture and an aquarium - that is piled high on the sidewalk and the street. Read More »