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Daily Archives: October 25, 2010

Around The Eastsider

News and other items from other parts of the blog and beyond. Car and school bus crash in Boyle Heights leaves one pedestrian dead and 16 bus riders injured, according to early reports. L.A. Now Police helicopter over Echo Park. Eastside 911 Read More »

Police helicopter hovering over Echo Park *

A police helicopter hovering near Echo Park Lake for about an hour this afternoon has many residents wondering what is going.  An officer with the Rampart Division said that police had one person in custody as they investigated an incident near Echo Park Avenue.  He said ... Read More »

Finding the silver lining in gray days

Not everyone is complaining about the Seattle-like weather. The Above the City blog has taken advantage of the gray skies, mist and drizzle of recent days to present photos and views of Montecito Heights in muted shades of grey, silver and brown. Says the blog: “Love ... Read More »

Temple & Alvarado might get a new name: Remy Square *

The intersection of Temple and Alvarado Street in Historic Filipinotown is probably best known for the retr0 McDonalds complete with golden arches. But, if neighborhood leaders get their way, the busy crossroads will be named Remedios ‘Remy’ V. Geaga Square. Remy Square would honor the memory ... Read More »

People who live in single-family houses shouldn’t throw stones

Los Angeles Times architecture critic Christopher Hawthorne made reference to Echo Park’s proposed skinny townhouses (pictured) project in an article on Sunday as the most recent flap over increased density. Councilman Eric Garcetti came out against the project in what Hawthorne said “is a sign that ... Read More »