Debs Park dog attack reported

A Montecito Heights resident named Pat and his wife were walking their dog near the hilltop lake at Debs Park late Monday afternoon when two off-leash dogs pounced on their pet. The owner the two dogs stood by without offering to help. Here’s what happened:

“Our 30 pound dog was attacked in Debs Park [Monday] around 5:30 by two larger dogs that were off-leash — a large black lab and a medium sized fluffy blonde mix.  While these dogs had our small dog pinned down, their owner, a large Caucasian man in his fifties with bushy salt-and-pepper beard and hair, stood by, motionless despite our please for help.  He never offered to step in as both my wife and I jumped in to to separate the animals; worse, he did not even apologize.  When I asked him for his info he said ‘f**k off, it’s none of your business.'”

Pat, who took a photo of the man’s dogs,  said his animal seemed OK but will be checked out by a veterinarian later this week. In the meantime, he wanted other Debs Park dog walkers to watch out.


  1. Wasn’t there another incident just like this reported a few weeks ago in the same park? The two victims should share notes or something.

  2. happened before, in August: https://www.theeastsiderla.com/2010/08/a-nighttime-dog-walk-through-debs-park-turns-dangerous/

    In the article, it says they were both akitas but if you read the comments, towards the bottom the owner says it was too dark to tell for sure.

    Sounds similar

  3. Yeah but they were Akitas. I guess bringing mace is a good idea. At least use it on the owners

  4. This is so upsetting, I am so sorry this happened to you – glad ur little one is going to be ok. What an A-hole!!!!! This guy is obviously looking for a bad situation to down and its no wonder that he raised his dogs to be aggressive. I hope a mountain lion comes down and bites him in the ass HARD.
    *if any neighbors thinks he sounds familiar please do the right thing and report him.

    what a shame…but I guess after reading this I do like the option of having Mace to protect ourselves and our dogs

  5. Mace does not effect dogs. Pepper spray is the ticket. I recommend everyone carry it when out on the trail.
    Get a lesson on the use since it is airborn and you can affect yourself. Also useful against rabid animals and criminals alike.

  6. the chances pepper spray getting on you is quite high and i dont recommend it (i’ve sprayed myself before on accident during a confrontation. wasp spray is the way to go. it has a much larger (over 10 ft) spray length and is equivalent to pepper spray. if you are a dog lover, study up on your dog language. next time you see dogs charging, spray before they even get close. the smell will distract / bother them.
    my 70 pound mutt was jumped by a rottweiler as we turned a corner. sometimes these things cannot be avoided. however, if i had seem him coming, i would have started spraying.

  7. They should call around vets in the area and see if anyone knows of the 2 dogs. It’s probably the same ones, and the owner needs to be prosecuted before someone’s dog ends up dead!

  8. I’ve been wanting to take my dogs up to Debs as we live closeby, but this is the second incident I’ve heard about and I don’t want to get stuck up there with one of my dogs and unable to get away. How many other people have had offleash dogs approach them? More importantly, have encountered a-hole owners??

  9. I am Pat the one who’s dog was attacked. Here is a link to the image of the man and his dogs.

  10. Hi,
    My dog Emmett was the one attacked in August. It was definitely a different set of dogs that attacked Emmett. One was for sure a big akita and the other (blackish and a bit smaller one) was a big shepard mix.
    Emmett is all good now. Thanks

  11. I’ve spoken to the owner of the two dogs in question (photographed), on at least a couple of occasions. One of the times his dogs were off leash but also seemed to heed his commands. I have to say the times I’ve gone up there with and without my dog, and my two young children, his dogs were not aggressive to my dog (but then again he is an 85 lb’er) or kids, nor did I feel their safety was in jeopardy.

    Then again, if your dog is not sufficiently trained, and/or you know there is a chance he or she may bolt to the other dog, they should remain leashed.

  12. I have seen that man almost every time i go up there to fish, and he never has them on leash , he calls them thelma and louise. Its sad how people like that feel they are above the rules, specially a common sense one like a leash rule.

  13. yes, I know this guy too….with his 2 dogs, Thelma and Louise (appropriately named…they can be nasty bitches). He always parks his car at the end of Montecito Drive (at the deadend), usually in the late afternoon…then lets his dogs loose just after the easement.
    His dogs attacked my dog a couple of times. Fortunately, I was able to kick them away before any harm was done.
    I hope the cops on horseback nail him!

  14. Our 25 lb white schnauzer was attacked by an off leash pit bull in Griffith Park two years ago. He (my dog) contracted a virus that needed a series of shots to cure. I can’t prove it, but I’m pretty sure that this set off a series of seizures and other physical ailments. He has never been to a park since.

    I have no sympathy for this guy and his two “adorable” dogs. If I ever get a dog again I would not bring it to the park without carrying a golf club and/or an electrical shock device. I hope they suffer the same fate as their Thelma and Louise movie counterparts (driving a convertible off a cliff while being chased by Harvey Keitel).

    The guy probably doesn’t pick up his dogs’ poop either huh?

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