Echo Park episode of “Law & Order:Los Angeles” gets lukewarm reviews

Last night’s episode of “Law & Order: Los Angeles” revolved around a cult called the Echo Park Tribe.  Those who didn’t watch apparently did not miss much, according to some overnight web reviews:

“Echo Park” is certainly an improvement over “Hollywood,” but not by much. The writing is still annoyingly clunky, and the series lacks the soul and spark of its predecessor, coming off more flat than anything else.” – TV Overmind

“This week’s episode of “LOLA” really disappointed. The premiere  was semi entertaining with twists and turns I was interested in following. During the “Echo Park” episode it was just plot point after plot point but nothing interesting ever happened. Yawn.”  – ScreenCrave


  1. I saw part of one episode. It had little of what I have liked in other Law & Order shows and absolutely nothing that made me think/feel the show reflected anything approaching a real Los Angeles.
    I’ve served on several juries and whoever is responsible for costume design hasn’t bothered to find out what real lawyers look or dress like.
    For this and other instances where the show failed to deliver, I wish it a speedy death.

  2. I LOVE L&O buuuuuttttt….. This new series is just tooooo slooooowwwww…. Not much attention grabbing like the other shows my FAVE is L&O:SVU now that is good attention grabbing stuff. I have to admit the 1st LA one was alright but yesterdays was BORING!!!! I mean when I think LA I think CRIME, DRUGS, CHILD ABDUCTIONS, RAPE, MURDER but not no run around semi drama like episode 2…. GIVE US ACTION and DRAMA!!!! That’s what L&O is about!!!! =)

  3. They need to move Jack McCoy out to LA, I don’t know how, but I miss him. LOLA just does not stack up against the original, cannot believe they canceled it to bring us this.

  4. Definitely better than the first episode but not by much. How they can screw up a show about crime in a city with so much of it, I don’t know.

  5. As a devout L&O (the original and SVU) fan I am sadly disappointed so far by LOLA. Something is just not gelling.

    On the other hand, last night’s SVU was hard to watch – even by SVU standards. The actor playing the kid brother was just too good.

  6. How about the fact that they NEVER GO WITHIN 5 MILES OF ECHO PARK during the whole episode?

  7. I, too, watched both episodes, and found them lame and wooden, even by slapdash L&O standards. In the last one, they tried to cram about 3 “ripped from the headlines” storylines into one episode, and failed to resolve any of them. Too many cooks, or something. (Best part was the crazy lady on the beach drinking Two Buck Chuck.)

    Oh, and I have yet to see a Latino on the show. Cop, criminal, D.A., it doesn’t matter. Would be nice to see someone who looked like they might actually live in L.A.!

  8. This series is off to an incredibly lame start. It’s true that in the episode “Echo Park”, they didn’t come within miles of “Echo Park.” That’s the least of this show’s problems, though. They seem to be trying to appeal to Brentwood types, what with the batty-eyed TMZ twits who populated the pilot. It seems like a pretty basic thing to me: you’re starting a new cop & lawyers show, and you want the audience to get hooked into following the main characters, the last thing you’d want to do is base the show around a bunch of lame stereotypes about LA (movie stars, Charlie Manson, etc.) that distract from the cops on the beat that you’re presumably getting to know. Those are the episodes you write 2/3 of the way through the season when you’re exhausted and out of ideas. Seems like they’re starting exhausted and out of ideas… where do they go from here?

  9. I’m still willing to stick with it but I agree with pretty much what all of you have said. The show is off to a fairly slow start… they’re just doing the stereotypical LA without doing the city justice. There are so many cool things about LA that I was hoping to see in this show but none of them are there.

    I’d suggest watching Southland instead if you want realistic LA crime.

  10. PS. Alfred Molina was in s01e01.

  11. SzSterling@gmail.com

    I luv this show. You better not touch this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I hope you do the right thing & leave this show alone. Finally!!!!!! I just might come back to NBC!!!!

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