Half-marathon leaves Metro buses in a tight spot *

This morning’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon shut down Sunset Boulevard in Echo Park, sending cars – and giant, 60-foot-long Metro Rapid buses – up narrow Echo Park Avenue. Those articulated buses do bend in the middle but apparently they don’t bend enough because at least two have gotten stuck trying to turn at Echo Park and Cerro Gordo Street, one of Echo Park’s steepest streets.  One driver was able to maneuver the bus out of the intersection and get back on the road; a second bus is not so lucky and was stuck in the intersection at about 11:30 A.M, according to resident Pietsie Campbell.  “They’ve probably called a tow truck,” said Campbell, who lives by the intersection.  “This looks pretty bad.”

Update: The driver was able to  free the bus without a tow truck but with some back up from other Metro workers, reports Campbell.  Click on the link below for more shots.

Photos by Pietsie Campbell


  1. Way to go Sis!
    They should award you with an award for all signage and road side assistance you’ve provided these past few years…

  2. Another well-made plan, our bureaucrats at work. So, MTA just signed off on it without actually paying any attention to the streets its too-big buses would be driving on. Just look at some lines on a map, pay no attention to the reality on the ground. Good thing they didn’t look at the map and have them cut through from Allesandro by going over Echo Park Avenue!

  3. Something like this happens every time they try to route busses through the hills. You would think they would learn …

  4. Things could be worse. When I was back in DC, they would use the open-top sightseeing tour buses to shuttle fans to the Nationals home games. The first day they tried this, they picked a route that went under an I-295 overpass. Someone on the upper deck that was standing up literally lost their head.


  5. Long Time Resident

    this is just another sign of gentrification. when will it stop? i want things to go back to the way they were…

  6. To “Long Time Resident” Go back to what? Closed and boarded up store fronts, ramshakle strips of homes? I too am a long time resident. A graduate of John Marshall 1978. If the idea of a half marathon(which you probably slept through anyway) disrupting your life for a few hours makes you long for “the good ol days” . I then am under the assumption, you would be miserable most anywhere……get on with it already

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