Police apprehend Echo Park man following barricade incident

Police took an Echo Park man into custody early this morning after he briefly barricaded himself in his home near Lucretia and Echo Park avenues, said an officer with the LAPD Northeast Division. The man, who had been armed with a knife, barricaded himself following a domestic dispute after midnight, according to preliminary reports. No injuries were reported during the incident.  Police units on the ground were assisted by a helicopter that hovered overhead for about 30 minutes.


  1. this is our neighbor. this was not a domestic dispute WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO FINALLY KEEP HIM BEHIND BARS?? CAN YOU PLEASE ASK THEM EASTSIDER?? this is getting old and tiresome. and the amount of time and money wasted on him is insane. why do you think there were some many units last night? PLEASE POST THIS AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET US KNOW WHEN THIS NUISANCE OF A PERSON IS GOING TO FINALLY BE PUT AWAY. The tenants of Lucretia have had enough of him!!!

  2. Thanks for posting it, explains all the noise last night.

  3. We live on Lucretia, just north of where the copes were last night. There seems to be a constant police presence at that property. Is there an update Eastsider?

  4. Dear people, I know whats its like first hand to have a people nusence presence around your home. EVICT THE SUCKERS, or ebatement. I myself contacted an attorney who handled the eviction for me, it’s worse when it’s family. I had enough of being called the cholo place.
    Thing was none of the idiots where gang related, they just looked , dressed and acted like thugs, old ass wantabe’s. Got sick of the 2 feet of beer cans and the continual MESS. Things are slowly getting back to normal, I do get scared as about once a week one of the people I evicted drives by my place with some unknown mean thug driver thumping the music L-O-U-D-L-Y. and stares me down. I always go into my home. I feel bad for those of you who feel like hostages in your own home. If he’s a renter , he’s gone, if he lives at home with his parents. Patience and good luck.

  5. @ Ethan. Not at this time. Let me see if we can get more info from LAPD about the longterm problems.

  6. I lived on Lucretia from 2001 – 2007. I heard this guy all the time and watched the LAPD make many-many house calls to this house. I was always surprised that this dude was NEVER arrested. I got so sick of his shit, that I would yell at him from my backyard. Hope this dude got cuffed and hauled into jail.

  7. Eastsider, is there a way to report him to the landlord association of Los Angeles or something? there has to be a law against a landlord who endangers his tenants and who affects their way of life. THIS HAS TO STOP!

  8. @solution – this man is the OWNER of the property and this is what he constantly tell us – “this is my property and i can do what i want!” he won’t stop and the only way to stop is to KEEP HIM BEHIND BARS!!

  9. How about we start outing these people, post their names and photos and addresses? I was a victim of an assault and battery a couple weeks ago on Sunset… I’d love to be able to start posting these thugs photos and addresses… It’s time for these thugs and punks to leave…

  10. I would love to post his name but Eastsider is afraid of being sued and keeps editing my postings!! Everyone who lives within a half mile radius of this guys place knows exactly who he is and what a major major problem he is. He has caused many many sleepless nights, he knocked on our door in the middle of the night many times high on drugs, he threatens us all the time yet no one does anything about it. Eastsider, what are you afraid of??? We have the first ammendment, free speech. We are entitled to speak freely about what a nightmare this guy is!!

  11. Thankfully, police don’t generally put people in jail unless they are actually convicted of a crime; and thankfully this site has the class and sense of justice not to allow people to start posting hearsay and rumors about a citizen and neighbor.

    I’m not generally one to go off and bemoan gentrification as things change no matter what and there’s not a whole lot we can do about it. But a part of me hopes that all these college educated white folks will finally just give up on echo park and leave it alone so it can possibly become the kind of community it was when I was growing up in the 1980s: a place where people talked to each other and cared and tried to help one another, instead of trying to start a lynching campaign against their neighbor via the comments section of a blog. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  12. Actually, I think regardless of his race/cred, If he is an adult, and has been committing crimes, and is a property owner/renter. He will go to jail. We don’t know the circumstances of his prior visit’s by the L.A.P.D. But they do! So they responded accordingly.

  13. I didn’t say anything in regards to the race of the man who’s apparently causing problems. I shouldn’t have said anything about race, actually–in that sense I agree that I was wrong, especially since it made you get all red-in-the-face and seemingly miss my entire point: that many of you are acting like judge and jury demanding that the man be put in jail, on a blog he doesn’t read and not giving him a platform to defend himself, which I find morally repugnant. And as I said before, it makes me miss the old days when neighbors talked to each other and were held responsible to one another by being members of a true community. This man is obviously mentally ill and needs psychological help, most likely drug counseling as well, and probably a good stay in the type of institution that he probably doesn’t have access to. Jail would be the worst place in the world for him as far as getting better is concerned.

    But hey, out of sight, out of mind, right? Let’s just wish him into jail or that he has to move so he can bother somebody else.

  14. It might be worth pursuing this through mental health channels rather than the police, next time. 800 854-7771

    It does take them a while to respond, so you need to make sure you are in a safe place after you call. They will do a screening on-site and take him in for a 72-hour hold if warranted.

  15. ok. everyone. everything you have written we have tried. mental health? check. 5150? check. rehab? check. jail? check. talking to him in a calm manner? check. i’ve personally called the police dozens of times and when he found out we called, he threatened us. this man is simply a bad seed. he does not give a shit about anything or anyone other than himself and if you don’t like it, he tells you to leave. and so many people have left this street because of him. he is a bully, a threat, a nuisance and he needs to GO AWAY.

  16. Come out of your shell

    Angelo –
    your comments are not OK. if you haven’t been able to talk to your neighbors, you need to try harder. You need to come out of your shell. I talk to plenty of people every day. So does everyone else on the street.

  17. What does your senior lead officer say?
    That’s the person who is supposed to deal with chronic neighborhood problems.If he requires a helicopter response, it’s obviously more than just a public nuisance situation.

  18. Angelo,

    This blog is hilarious! Any time there is a story about some kind of a violent crime, someone chimes in with a racially-tinged comment about what the neighborhood was like a long time ago, and how violence used to be the norm, so get over it all you (white) newcomers.

    You are the first person who follows in line with this racially-tinged line of reasoning BUT actually postulates that the neighborhood used to be better! That’s a new one.

  19. and ANGELO, for the record – this man is WHITE. so your argument has no basis. in fact, your argument is racist and prejudiced.
    eastsider, anything new? we called over the weekend and all we found out was that he was still in jail until today’s arraignment. let’s hope he doesn’t get out today.

  20. Angelo for your information; during the 80’s Echo Park was one of the worst neightboorhood in Los Angeles County, people when hear that we’re living in Echo Park, said we were crazy, but the reality we were stuck in a bad place. News were all over, if you don’t recall, go to the library and see for yourself. People were robed, houses ransacked, shooting, gang killing each other, besides taking the life of innocent people, there wass no respect for old and young people.
    I wonder where were you living or what side of the people were you, don’t tell lies. Also as someone said, come out of your shell, talk to the people around and try to be a good citizen.

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