Police have to yet to crack the case of the Silver Lake egg tossers

Back in July, The Eastsider posted a story about a Silver Lake resident who had grown weary of having eggs thrown at his his car and home. The eggs, however, have continued to fly in other parts of the neighborhood. Earlier this week, a woman whose house near Landa Street and Maltman Avenue got egged saw eggs being thrown from a white hatchback, according to an email message sent this morning to a Silver Lake Neighborhood Watch group by LAPD Senior Lead Officer Al Polehonki. Polehonki assumes the egg throwers are driving around looking for their next target:

“They are difficult to catch because of the random days and times. The area targeted seems to be between Griffith Park Blvd to the Silver Lake Reservoir, and from Rowena on the North to Sunset Blvd on the South. I believe that they are traveling by vehicle and last night, a resident by Landa  St and Maltman heard the eggs hit her house, ran outside saw additional eggs being thrown from a white hatchback vehicle. It appears that the driver was the one doing the tossing. That’s all we have so far. Please share this info and pass any additional clues back to me. If the suspect(s) are observed, please call 911 and provide a description, license plate and any other info on to the dispatch person. Let them know that “objects” are being thrown from the vehicle.”

Photo by theilr/Flickr


  1. Goo goo g’ joob.

  2. Our cars have been egged 3 times in the last 6 months while parked on carnation and Edgecliffe. The thrower ususally goes for the windshields, and the eggs don’t seem to be thrown very hard; they’re never splattered across the car. Let’s try to put a stop to this.

  3. We live in the Franklin Hills and have been targeted about 6 times over the last month and a half. It appears our neighbor has been hit a couple of time as well. On Friday we were hit at 5:15pm directly on our front window. We called the cops who had no idea about the other incidents described here.

  4. same thing happened to us in the palisades. 10+ times over 6 months.

    eventually, we found an empty egg carton and noticed it was from ralphs. went to the nearest one, looked through the security camera from that night same night and sure enough… caught huevo tossers.

    they’re not using eggs from their fridge, that’s for sure. they’re lazy. they pick them up somewhere local on their way to your house.

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