How do you steal a Porche without turning on the engine?

NeighborhoodWatchLogo.JPGAn Angeleno Heights woman was awakened early Tuesday morning by two large bangs.  Then she saw the headlights of her 1990 Porsche 911  flash twice outside.  She never heard the engine start up, but by the time she got outside, her red Porche was gone  All that was left was the door lock and ignition sitting on the driveway to her home on Calumet Avenue near Douglas Street. She’s left to wonder how they stole her car without starting the engine?

“On Tuesday morning at 2:17 [ A.M], I heard a loud bang sound.  It sounded like a heavy book had been dropped n the living room floor. I waited to hear if my roommate’s dog was getting up but I didn’t hear any movement.  Then I heard another loud bang sound.  This time, I thought someone had broken into my living room.  I waited in my room to hear if someone was walking around and I hear this weird “pop” sound, then I see my Porsche headlights flash twice – like someone was being signaled.  I ran out of my house and saw the space were my car was.  In my driveway was a screw sticking out of the car door lock and another screw sticking out of the ignition.  My car was gone and they never started it – I would have definitely heard that.  I called 911 right away, and the Rampart Police showed up momentarily. Maybe they jump started the car on Bellevue or maybe there was a tow truck waiting.  So far, the Police have not found it.”


  1. a similar thing happened to my parents with a toyota, if you were on a slope all they’d have to do is break in, disable the locking mechanism on the steering column, put it in neutral and then push it down the street. at that point they have a tow truck waiting and they steal the car out of the driveway in your sleep

  2. Depending on the ignition system, they may have push-started the car and then popped the clutch in 2nd to fire the engine…

  3. That could be but the engine didnt fire up according to the story so it could have just been pushed down especially if it was a hill…porsches are rather light so its a lot easier to handle….

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