River redevelopment zone in the works

Some Atwater residents and activists have expressed concern about the potential impact a proposed redevelopment zone would have on their neighborhood. But, as the Atwaer Village News points out,  the redevelopment area being contemplated by the Community Redevelopment Agency expands beyond Atwater into neighboring Glassell Park and down river to Cypress Park. The Northeast Los Angeles River Study Area even jumps the river, to include Elysian Valley.  The area being studied as a redevelopment zone spreads over 3-1/2-square miles and is home to more than 32,000 people. What would be the main purpose of a redevelopment zone? That’s still to be determined but the agency on its Northeast L.A. River Study Area website said:

“Our primary interest is to develop sound land use and economic development strategies to bring jobs for working families into the area.”

The CRA, which has been credited with helping turnaround neighborhoods as well as unleashing huge new development and unwanted regulation, is planning a series of neighborhood open houses  next month to gather more information and opinions from residents and business owners.   The CRA staff is scheduled to present a report on the feasibility of creating a Northeast redevelopment zone to City Planning Commission and City Council next year.

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  1. this is great! Cypress and Glassell parks are falling behind in the beautification process! this should get rid of those eyesores on San Fernando Rd like the towing yards and wreck yards that bring down property values to the surrounding streets.

  2. This CRA project as all other CRA projects will siphon off millions of property tax dollars, thereby leaving the entire City in a worse financial mess without benefiting the community.

    CRA projected reduce affordable housing and intensify traffic congestion, but they do enrich private developers. With its Kelo-eminent Domain powers, every piece of property within a CRA area can be taken away and given to any political crony of a city council politico.

  3. What this area needs most is just effective municipal management.

    School improvement, crime reductions and maybe some code enforcement (there are some serious residential eyesores around). Also, better traffic management along San Fernando for a mile in each direction around the 2.

    The auto shops on San Fernando are a total red herring. They’re already on commercial/industrial property (across from a rail maintenance yard, btw), provide actual jobs to residents and are certainly less blight-y than vacant properties or yet another crappy strip mall, apartment complex or mini-market.

  4. I agree with you TimO. What is needed is effective municipal management. The CRA, through Tax increment financing will take away property tax revenues from schools and other vital services to pay off bonds and financing for private developers.

    You really need to ask your Councilman why do you need the CRA for beautification when other Council districts get things done without the CRA.

    In Council district 4, Tom La Bonge has been in office for 2 terms and also served a portion of John Ferraro’s term. He has many years of municipal experience but can’t deliver for his constituents without a crutch of the CRA.

    La Bonge is supporting all the negative things of Eminent Domain for private developers and Corporate give-aways taxpayer funds. That’s what got us into the economic mess in the first place.

    If after all these years of experience, La Bonge can’t get the job done, you should consider a fresh, younger energetic grass roots person like Stephen Box.

  5. I agree with Tim. Those junk yards may not look the best, but they provide jobs. And, its better to have them then Condo’s, Apt’s and other things that bring more traffic into the area.

    I want to keep our area as a small town but like Hollywood and other congested areas.

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