The show might be over for Echo Park performance space

The Echo Curio Curiosity Shop & Gallery, which was forced earlier this month to stop its live musical performances, is likely to close down by the end of the year, the owners of the Echo Park art and performance space said on their blog.  Police ordered the Echo Curio to halt live performances because it did not have a necessary permit called a cafe entertainment license. But the owners discovered that obtaining such a permit would require a zoning change, interior renovations and a review of parking.  That’s probably not going to happen, said the owners:

“So as it stands now, we are most likely going to take the hint from LA and close at the end of the year, perhaps looking for other places to partner, host shows, and whatnot.  Any interested parties that would like to have us eventually ruin their space should contact us at echocurio@gmail.com.”

Echo Park Now, which posted an update about the Echo Curio earlier today, is asking readers for solutions:

“We don’t want the shows to end at Echo Curio – wish there was something we could do?!”

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  1. nobusinesswantedinla

    Funny we just went through the same thing in boyle heights. It seems after following the laws and GETTING PERMITTING the bottom line is the LAPD and the VICE OFFICER didn’t want us running events at all. Its complete bullshit. California is bankrupt but yet they can’t seemto figure out how to take our money they so desperately need. The police, city council and the mayors office just keep filling their pockets and make it impossible to run a business. What is going on here in echo park is a much bigger picture with the all agencies listed above including building and safety. They don’t want you doing business no matter how much they mask it with their laws and regulations. TRUST THAT.

  2. You might want to look into thing a bit more. Seems to me, the routine over the years on parking there has been that they use that requirement to leverage the shop owners into paying a fee to help run the public lot off Echo Park Ave south of Sunset. As such, the parking requirement might not be so difficult to address.

    As for the zoning, I don’t know, but something sounds wrong about no cafe allowed. In fact, I’ve never heard of “retail” zone, only “commercial” zone of different intensities. There are plenty of other restaurants and cafes within steps of that location, seems like someone might be misunderstanding something, although I haven’t looked into it. At any rate, variances are entirely too easy to come by in this city so might as well go to a good, creative place.

  3. if you’ve ever even looked at the place when there’s a show going on, its pretty obvious that Echo Curio never had zoning permits, or had ever attempted to go through any of the city’s red tape. why is this surprising to anyone?

  4. Seems that GENTRIFICATION might be hitting a wall. Hope it hurts, see you never, bye…Do all the OG’s from Echo Parque a favor, take your other GROUPIES with you! O yea’ you will jajajaja…. Groupies 1 – EP 1
    Whose next! Line’m up and SWING.

  5. The permit is required for two reasons:

    1. To mitigate the juxtaposition of loud activities with the rest of the neighborhood. (zoning)

    2. To ensure that the space is safe and provides the required facilities and exiting for an assembly occupancy. (interior renovations)

    Sorry, but just being hip doesn’t give you a right to do business.

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