The views are nice but exposed brick is a hit with Angeleno Heights condo shoppers

A peak into The Brownstone Lofts in Angeleno Heights over the weekend found agents guiding potential buyers through unfinished units, some with impressive views of downtown – as well as the Hollywood Freeway. But the exposed brick walls inside the condos, including the third-floor, $884,000 unit shown above,  have also attracted a lot of attention, said agent Johnny Nekuda. “The more exposed brick, the more the people seem to like [the unit],” he said.

Most of work on The Brownstone, which claims a connection to Hollywood history but was also apparently the site of a grisly 1920s murder, is scheduled to be completed by year’s end, though the elevators have yet to be installed and many hallways and interior spaces have yet to be finished. So far, 14 potential buyers have placed deposits of up to $5,000 to hold a unit as they seek financing, said one agent.


  1. Anyone who pays that price for that condo is insane. Echo Park ain’t Bel Aire, and being next to the Hollywood Freeway and all the noise and pollution from it ain’t like being next to the Bel Aire Country Club!

    $884,00 PLUS condo dues that will feel just like rent.

    If I’m going to spend $884,000 on a home, I’m NOT going to live anywhere close to a freeway and the noise from it. At that price, I would look in more like the Hollywood Hills, not next to the Hollywood Freeway! This ain’t the insane, bloated housing market of 2007 when stupid decisions and stupid buyers came along and bought places every day, even though they couldn’t come close to ever affording it. There are LOTS of afar better options at that price.

  2. They are out of their minds. There’s a 3,000+ sq ft, fully renovated and updated Victorian for sale in Pasadena for less than that. Oh, and it has a 9,000 sq ft lot. Anyone who pays that much for a CONDO! is nuts!

    Oh, and is that a plywood counter top?

  3. What is even better about the shot of the kitchen with the plywood counter is the fact the top of the range is missing the grates. All sizzle and no steak. 886,000 for that plus free graffiti, homeless and gang members just steps away but that’s not all you also get included at this great price 24 hour ghetto bird surveillance, but wait there is even more. You also get to replace what was removed from your car without your permission. Just order now and you spen the low price of 886,000 bucks

    What a great deal.

  4. I’ve been wondering about this building for a while. So beautiful and enigmatic. Too bad it has to become condos for rich people and can’t just be apartments for us regular folk, as was no doubt intended.

  5. Well Anthony Quinn may have lived in 318, but the little girl was murdered in 315 so maybe avoid that one! (via ProQuest)

  6. this place looks tiny from that picture. i don’t understand what would be going through someone’s mind to pay $884k for this place…no one can love exposed brick THAT much, because there isn’t much else going for this place.

  7. Is that supposed to be the kitchen, living room and dinning room? Even the plant looks cramped in there.

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