Weekend in crime: Deputy shoots man in East L.A.; stabbing outside Silver Lake bar

LAPD police helicopter over Echo Park.Here’s a run down of some crime reports received over the weekend from East Los Angeles and Silver Lake:

In East Los Angeles,  a Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff  shot and wounded a man Saturday night who allegedly pointed a gun at the deputy, officials told ABC7. The shooting took place near Atlantic Boulevard and Telegraph Road after the deputy approached two men who were believed to be preparing to break into cars. The suspect was treated for a minor injury.

Meanwhile, in Silver Lake, a man was stabbed several times outside the Cha Cha Lounge in the 2300 block of Glendale Boulevard early this morning following a fist fight, police said. The fight broke out at about 2:20 A.M. after at least  two men exchanged words on the sidewalk. After the fight, one of the men noticed he was bleeding and had suffered stabbed wounds, said Sgt. Ruben Arrellano. The man was treated for his injuries.

In a separate incident in Silver Lake, about a dozen police officers were observed handcuffing three men in front of the 7-Eleven at Silver Lake Boulevard and Effie Street at about 9 P.M., said a Silver Lake resident named Sam. Police said they did not have a report available on the incident.


  1. Police said they did not have a report available on the incident.

    How could they not have a report available on an incident involving a dozen cars?
    Would love to see LAPD make a dent in this violence throughout East Los Angeles. I See it getting worse and Im not happy about the job thats being done. A day late and a dollar short.
    Come on PD, even with Sheriff’s helping we still have major crime going on everywhere and no police around to do anything about it.
    I dont want to hear anything about budget cuts when Ive heard directly from several officers on LAPD that they are concerned for their own safety and don’t go in to some of the areas in town that have increasingly more fatal violence. Send in the national guard if you can’t handle it. Would love to see PD work with the citizens here but, its not likely.

  2. East l.a is not Lapd jurisdiction its sherriffs. Sherriff covers la county, not city of la. Sherriffs will never take over city of la, just the smaller cities , like they did with Compton ..check your sources, crime and gang related
    Crime is Down in los angeles. And it’s not within l. City limits. As for the dozen officers at silverlake, one of the officers told me those Guys were arrested for
    A gun and drugs that they toss out of
    The car.

  3. Ugh. There seems to have been a lot of stuff going on the past few days. Heard 8 gunshots last night around 2am in Silver Lake (seemed like they came from Sunset/Parkman or Vendome/Laurel and Hardy park area). 2 followed by 6. The second time this week we have heard gunshots in the area. And someone else reported gunshots to Eastsider from another part of Silver Lake earlier in the week as well.

    Have seen increased police presence this past week though so at least it seems like they are on it.

  4. There may not have been a full report available YET, but the watch commander would have had the basic info and been able to tell it — as is the routine. It sounds like the watch commander was not contacted by Eastsider — as is routine for any police beat reporter. The watch commander is just what the title sound like: the supervisor of the officers on that shift, so he does know what’s going on even though the officers have not yet come back into the station and filed a report, which might not happen until the end of their 12-hour shift, presuming that there was something to file a report about. The watch commander is required to keep a log of EVERYTHING the officers respond to, so always knows at least the basics.

    The issue here isn’t that the police were covering up something, only that the reporter didn’t get to the source.

  5. @ Jan. I did speak to the watch commander, Sgt. Arrellano, about the 7-Eleven incident. He did could not access that info at that time and it did not come up when he was briefed by the previous watch command. If I am not able to talk to or reach police about a certain matter, I will let readers know.

  6. I live in the neighborhood directly behind the Cha Cha and heard the ruckus around 2:30am. I’m very surprised that there was a stabbing, but considering the noise level at the time, something big sounded like it was going down. I’m sure bragging rights for all involved were earned, it was a beautiful night to make memories.

    As a former hellraiser, I can hardly blame the patrons. Like most social systems, compliance and respect start at the top. Cha Cha needs to start accounting for the loitering that happens after they close up shop. At least as far as our street goes, once the bars (Red Lion and Cha Cha) let out, we have at least another hour of people hanging out, talking loud, etc. Never any fights until now, though there has been petty vandalism, like people stealing potted plants from neighbor’s front yards; empty liquor containers left by customers trying to save a buck before hitting the bars (Sparks is surprisingly popular); and of course the random used condom. Isn’t there a way to inform patrons to clear out quietly, use the trash cans by the library’s bus stop, or ask staff to monitor neighborhood noise/vandalism by escorting patrons to their cars? This is the second person to be hurt in our little social enclave (somebody got shot up the street from Gingergrass a while back) and while most of the neighbors have no problems looking out for everyone, it’s time that Cha Cha did the same, especially their own customers.

    There were never these kinds of problems when LeBar was in business at the same location (obviously a classier clientele, with more social decorum).

  7. @eastsider it was northeast occurrence for the 7 eleven incident.

  8. I was at the Cha Cha that night, heard the action and went outside to see what the hell was going on. The incident was across the street at the Red Lion, not at the Cha Cha…get your facts straight. The door guy from the Cha Cha was the one who actually called the police.

  9. Another night in the varrio que no.

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