A gushing welcome to Cypress Park

Motorists passing through the intersection of Figueroa Street and San Fernando Road this week have been doing a double take as spouts of water gush into the  air near the Cypress Park Home Depot.  The columns of water are part of an approximately $800,000, computer-controlled fountain created by the same people who brought you the fountains at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas and, closer to home, the Americana at Brand in Glendale and The Grove  in the Fairfax District. Despite a six-figure price tag, the fountain now being tested in the  shadow of  the 5 Freeway won’t be as grand as those other water works  but it will be the chief feature of the first phase of  Confluence Park, a new green space being created near the spot where the Los Angeles River and the Arroyo Seco meet. The fountain will serve as an “iconic gateway to the Northeast community,”  according to the Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority, which is building the fountain and park in partnership with the  Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy.

It’s hard to imagine  that anyone will be coming to this spot in years to come to enjoy a park and dancing jets of water. Trucks and cars roar on the freeway overhead; Metrolink trains rumble nearby and the entire area is surrounded by a tangle of concrete freeways, bridges and roads. But officials say Confluence Park, which has been delayed by the state’s budget woes, and the fountain will eventually be an inviting place.

The tests being conducted this week are in preparation for the fountain to start operating early next year, according to Dash Stolarz, a public affairs official with the conservation authority.  “It’s going to be pretty cool.”

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  1. HEY. This fountain is vaguely Footsies-adjacent. It has that going on for it.

  2. I work in the Northeast LA Area and I drive by this everyday for over a year. I’ve been wondering what this was supposed to be. And now I am thoroughly disappointed. I mean, the Northeast does need some beautification. But maybe those 800gs could have been put to better use, like funding services needed for the underprivileged and impoverished in the immediate area. Or maybe to help the day laborers who hang out 50 feet away from this fountain.

    Kinda nice to look at though, but damn.

  3. It is nice to see some beautification happening in this area, and I can imagine what the area may look like in 10-20 years, but the price tag is astonishing for a space no bigger than the McD’s on Fig. Really?! I am disappointed at the decision making associated with this project, is that water even reclaimed?

    That money could have been spent making some real repairs to the horrible condition the Riverside/Figueroa bridge is in, even if it may be replaced some day in the future! How many community members were present at the planning meetings?

  4. I like it it’s about time we get something nice other than another 99 cent store or a swapmeet

  5. Can you say back room deal ?
    Some one should be arrested for this waste of public funds !!!
    This smacks of corruption!

  6. I hope the (coming soon) park integrates this project well. for now, I see it being a good spot for the many day-laborers waiting at home depot to chill out.

    It’s location at an intersection with the two city yards and a tow truck company don’t make it too attractive but the ability to bring a tall boy and drink in a state park legally make this an appealing space to watch a Bellagio style water show.

    I’ll stop by the next time i head to st. vincents.

  7. 800K ??? I could have done it for 40K with labor from across the street. 🙂

  8. Cause nothing says water crises like concrete that spews water into the air.

    As if the CalTrans sprinklers doing that on the 5 on ramp wasn’t good enough.

    MRCA? YOu should be ashamed.

  9. Mia Lehrer and Associates, you too.

  10. It seems wasteful and unattractive at first glance, but if July rolls around and I see kids running through the jets of water, then it will have been somewhat reedemed in my eyes.

  11. The money could have been put to better use. It will probly end up a place only for the illegal day laborers to sleep at, use drugs at, and drink it. They already do those things at the entrance of Home Depot and now the city just spent $800K on giving them a new spot.

    Shame on the city for wasting money. Some of the auto junk yards need some new fences and I would have been happy for the city to provide them and it would have cost a lot less money.

    And, of course there was no input on this project by community members including the Greater Cypress Park NC. Shame on them too.

  12. LA needs more plazas, more public spaces for democracy to take shape. I think the creative folks in the northeast should look at this park as a place for cool sh*%$ Can anyone say festivals, protest rallies, outdoor concerts, share swapmeets, ice skating rink, meet up spot for midnight ridazz, meet up spot for second saturday bicyclists, farmers markets, summer cool downs…? You get the idea. I can’t wait to bike along the river and take a break to cool down in the fountain and then ride some more. Be creative people and make it happen.

  13. I live in the area and drove by daily to see the progress of this project. I do agree with the comments here about the dollar amount that went into this project. When we are having drought issues, we put in something like this. The fountains were running the other night and the amount of water runoff going into the street drains was concerning.

    Now what about the high maintenance cost of the water pumps and recycling system. Very bad move in my opinion. This was a disappointing move.

  14. Are you kidding me! I love the new fountain! Why so much negativity over a small project to make our neighborhood look a little more pleasant? If the city doesn’t invest in our neighborhoods you complaint about it- and when they do you still complaint about it! Geez I can’t believe I live among a bunch of whiners! Why don’t you complaint about the constant graffiti we have on our walls? I attend the community meetings and I never see more than 10people there- it’s always the same old faces- and by old I mean OLD no young people taking matters into their own hands to improve the area but plenty of keyboard tough guys complaining about every article that gets posted on this site.
    By the way I do drive by there at least 4times a day and I’ve never seen any of the Home Depot day laborers lounging around as Adam or Disappointed pointed out. In fact shame on you I’ve never seen any of these men drinking “tall boys” or shooting drugs as you pointed out. All I see is a bunch of guys trying to offer their services in desperation for money to feed their families.

    Why doesn’t anyone complain at all the transients going through our blue cans pushing shopping carts full of cans? We don’t see that in Pasadena or the other more affluent neighborhoods yet do you think they choose to collect cans in our neighborhoods or those other neighborhoods don’t put up with those eyesores?

    I invested in this neighborhood and is very sad how gang activity- graffiti-and homeless going through our trash diminish the possibility of others investing in our communities and consequently affecting the value of our homes.

  15. I agree this corner needed something beautiful and dramatic such as this. The busy Los Feliz corner has a beautiful fountain and now so does the northeast. We have lived here for 40 years. Thank you, my family loves it!!

  16. Have there been any updates to this project? It looks like it was all boarded and gated up a few years ago, I would love to see it completed! I live just a few blocks away and it would really turn this neighborhood around. I agree with Pleased Citizen, this is good for our community! Although I hope they do something to prevent it from getting vandalized if completed.

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