Councilman Reyes lines up against proposed Echo Park housing development

The office of Councilman Ed Reyes has come out against a plan by Barlow Respiratory Hospital to build more than 800 units of housing on the hospital property next to Elysian Park and Dodger Stadium, Echo Park Now is reporting. The century-old hospital has been seeking to win approval of the development on its park-like grounds as  away to help finance the construction of a new hospital in a section of the 19-acre property, which is a city historic landmark.  Council office planning deputy Susan Wong told Echo Park Now that the office is working with Barlow to help find ways to rebuild the hospital – which treats patients suffering from respiratory problems – but cannot support the housing project as currently planned.  “The proposed project is too dense and incompatible with the surrounding land uses,” Wong said.

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  1. more traffic more people. instead of nice peaceful parks and space

  2. Yes! Finally, a voice of reason!

  3. Thank you Ed Reyes! A huge housing unit will have a tremendously negative impact (increased traffic, smog, accidents, etc.) on the already clogged Sunset Blvd. strip here in Echo Park. I’m all for smart business and housing development, but a project of this magnitude will require a big uptick of consumed natural resources and destroy valuable park space that is cherished and enjoyed by our community. The project as it stands reeks of greed, poor planning and lack of concern for surrounding residents. Wait, isn’t that how Dodger Stadium got here? I guess it’s time to invest in some property.

  4. Luiza Mavropoulos

    THANK YOU COUNCILMAN REYES. Your heart is showing it’s LOVE FOR OUR BELOVED ELYSIAN PARK. I have to admit and will now apolagize (say I’m sorry) PUBLICLY to you via this blog. I thought you would side with the developers on this issue, not listen to community concern. I’m eating crow and will admit it. It never tasted better. Again, THANK YOU. As a dues paying Member of The Sierra Club I would think, I can assist others but we can’t find solution for issue’s in our own back yard?. Again, Please except “Mi Disculpas”
    Luiza Mavropoulos
    Community Activist

  5. they propose a plan fo 800 units and the councilman is the hero that speaks out against it. they then reduce the number of units and keep reducing it and the councilman keeps speaking out against it.

    then it is settled that there will be 300 units and everyone gives the thumbs up! including the councilman.

    its not what you say, its how you say it. and they are unfolding the plan, oh so nicely.

  6. It does reek of a get rich quick plan. They only need to build a new hospital.

  7. That sounds about right. If they started with a few hundred. Theyd be limited down to 60 unit. Staring at 800… Sheeesh.

  8. Their plan is working just like they planned. Start with a high number and then work the number down. 300 Units is a lot. This is not a place to built any development.

    And, if councilmemeber Ed Reyes really cared about liveability issues he would care about noise issues. But he does not care about noise issues. He is selfish and as long has his home doesn’t have noise issues he does not care if anyone else does.

    Ed Reyes should not gave given Father Marco a letter written on city letterhead “encouraging” him to take me to court. He should mind the city’s business on city letterhead and not his personal opinion.

    The city had no business in this issue and neither did Reyes but Reyes put the city in the middle of it by writing his letter. There is a separation of church and state issue here. The state (government), Reyes, should stay out of church issues that do not involve him since he was not a party to the issue. Personal opinions should not be written on city letterhead.

    Councilmember Reyes broke the rules. He needs to understand the separation of church and state. His personal opinions belong on his personal time, not city time. Having his staff sit in the courtroom on city taxpayers time when they are not a party to the issue is a separation of church and state issue. Taxpayers should be reimbursed!!!

  9. Um, HUH? what church?

    this is a hospital/ privately owned.

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