Debs Park to get extra LAPD patrols – on horseback

Debs Park, which has been the scene of numerous off-leash dog attacks and other problems, will be getting extra horse back patrols by the LAPD’s Metro Mounted unit. However, LAPD Senior Lead Officer Phil Graciano said in an email there is no specific reason the mounted patrol  has been called in to the nearly 300-acre Montecito Heights park “aside from the normal ‘quality of life issues’ (transient encampments, drinking/smoking in park, lewd acts & dog-off-leash, etc) that they may encounter.”  He said the officers on horseback will also have higher visibility at Lincoln Park and Hollenbeck Park as well. Graciano also said the city is also working on dealing with off-leash dogs and dog attacks in Debs Park:

‘I do want you to know that OPS [Office of Public Safety]and Animal Regulations have received numerous complaints of dog off leash and dog attack/bites in and around the area of Debs Parks. We have had Task Forces in the past to attend to those issues. OPS and Animal Regulations will continue to have these Task Forces in the near future without any public notices. Citations have been issued and will continue to be issued as officers observe the violations.”

Photo by Nitro 101/Flickr


  1. Let me get this straight: We are now paying a lot higher trash fee so we can hire more police officers — so they can go on dog patrol!? That’s all they have to do, nothing more significant? We’re spending all this money to hire police officers at extremely high police officer pay just to do dog patrol?!

    We can’t instead leave the police as-is, since they clearly have nothing to do, and have the hiring in the much lower paid Rec and Parks Dept for dog patrol, or the much lower paid hires of the animal services dept. for dog patrol?

    No wonder the city is nearing bankruptcy! And clearly we did not have any need for all the extra police we are paying a LOT of money to hire.

  2. This is a welcomed effort by our Los Angeles Police Depaertment. Years ago a request such as this was submitted and to see that it is actually taking place is a valued asset to deter crime, and a feeling that additional requests can also be met. It is a vision to introduce the natural aspect of horses in this area of Los Angeles to reduce violence and crime, as well as provide interaction with the youth and give them positive skills and developement.
    If you do not visit Debs Park regularly, you may not know of the increase in illegal activity, mainly vandlism. Not to mention the two dozen empty air freshiner cans used as an inhalant by kids. Our community of Rose Hills has seen a 4 month decrease in tagging and other types of crime, having this Police presence will only make it safer in our park.

    Rose Hills Review,
    Anthony Manzano

  3. Who would have though that being attacked by a vicious dog and or owner would not rank high enough on someones public safety meter to warrant police action? I’m pretty sure that’s assault Henry and it’s a violent crime. I would rather see cops trying to stop this than shaking down people that are making a lefthand turn onto Glendale Blvd at the wrong time.

  4. jacqueline dreager

    Told you so! After I spoke to Graciano a week ago at City Hall about the attack dog problem…I went away feeling confident he’d try to do something positive about it. And he has.


  5. I am glad they are doing this – I have been walking my dog in the park for years but I still don’t feel that safe there. Has anyone ever noticed the small holes in one of the trashcans on the rotunda down the path from the pond? I was walking by there earlier in the year and saw bullet casings and broken beer glass all over the floor there next to that trashcan – some idiots were having fun up there.

  6. I met SLO Graciano. He is a stand up character. I have seen him and their General Services Police throughout our city parks. I know they care enough to commit to such petty quality of life issues such as “Dogs off leash”. Remember; We have to be responsible as pet owners and adults to ensure that are dogs are on leash in the streets and parks. I, for one, am glad to have police officers, such as Graciano & his crew, patrolling our city parks.

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