Don’t walk this way

City officials are still not certain when a small landslide that has blocked a sidewalk on the border of Echo Park and Silver Lake since February will be cleaned up. However, city engineers are certain about one thing: pedestrians should stay away from the sidewalk. Yuseff Robb, a spokesman for Councilman Eric Garcetti  said a stretch of the sidewalk on the north side of  Sunset Boulevard near Coronado Street is closed off for safety reasons and warning signs have been posted.  However,  the warning signs (pictured above) keep getting stolen, leaving pedestrians unaware that they are supposed to stay away, Robb said.  “We have pedestrians walking by a cliff whose stability is in question,” he said said. “Until they can figure out how they can permanently  solve the problem … it’s better to close the sidewalk and leave things as is.”

Robb says the council staff has been working with the Department of Public Works to get the landslide cleaned up. He says it may seem odd that crews can’t simply scoop away the dirt from the sidewalk. But he said the issue is more complicated than that, with engineers fearing more earth would tumble down the cliff soon after a temporary clean up. He also said the landslide involve private as well as public property.

“We want the sidewalk cleared but, at the same time, we do have to listen to those who tells that we have to figure this out,” Robb said. “Maybe [the solution]  is something expensive. Maybe it’s something cheap. Thats what they are trying to figure out. The last thing we wants is for someone to get hurt.”

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  1. Thanks for the follow up on this story. I’m really disappointed to hear that the city’s guidance is to stay off the sidewalk – over 10 months has passed. As a car free Echo Parker by choice and some one who works in the transportation field – this is really disappointing. Would this have lagged so long if it was impacted cars? No way. I’m pay my taxes – plz value the way I travel too.

    Why aren’t walkable and bikable communities more supported in our community? The total lag on this and response “don’t use the sidewalk’ to me is really disheartening.

    Jesus – I’d love to see a story on Glendale Blvd – I’m thinking about nominating the part that runs thru EP and Silverlake as the most hostile road to anyone who is not in a car or commercial truck ever.

    Safety should be our city’s big priority – for everyone, not just those driving.

  2. I walked by here this morning and didn’t see any sign – just some toppled over barricades and caution tape. But putting a sign ten or so feet in front of the landslide is a poor solution considering that it lies near the middle of a stretch of Sunset that has no safe and legal pedestrian crossings for almost a quarter of a mile.

    I decided that the odds of being buried by a landslide of dirt were more favorable than being buried by a landslide of cars. I took my chances and survived.

  3. As Mr. Rollers rightfully stated in a comment to a previous post on this top, if this was impacting — or even just threatening to impact — traffic flow, this would be resolved… months ago.

    Instead we get a Garcetti spokesman (I’m assuming with a straight face) abysmally saying the solution is no solution: “…it’s better to close the sidewalk and leave things as is.”

    Which translates into:

    A) We’re pretending to give a shit, but really don’t
    B) It’s better to put up flimsy signage, barriers and tape and then cross our elected fingers and hope some person with bad timing doesn’t get injured in an avalanche ignoring the makeshift closure or struck by a vehicle walking into the street around it
    C) Loser says what?
    D) People who walk past that site typically don’t vote, FTW
    E) All of the above

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