Echo Park housing project heads for public hearing

Echo Park residents opposed to an approximately 60-unit housing project on Sunset Boulevard near Mohawk Street, are asking neighbors to present their views on the development when it comes up before a public hearing on Nov. 22.  The developer, which won the backing of the Echo Park neighborhood council,  is seeking city permission to build a project that is larger and taller than allowed. Plans include 10 units in the project for very-low income residents. However,  the 10 new units reserved for low-income residents would fall short of the 11 units of housing that would be demolished to make way for the development, a sore point with some neighbors. In addition, the only parking garage entrance  for residents who would live in the complex would be located at the top of the hillside lot on Elsinore Street, which would funnel more traffic into the residential neighborhood.

An Echo Park resident who has organized neighbors against the project said people who cannot attend the hearing – which is scheduled on a Monday morning before the Thanksgiving holiday – can still submit their comments in writing (instructions can be found  in the hearing notice).  “We feel like people need to understand that it is not about anti- development,” said the Echo Park resident who did not want to be identified by name. “It is about responsible development that keeps in line with the aesthetics and charm of Echo Park … and doesn’t create problems like parking, traffic and eyesores to the residents.”

The Eastsider is seeking comment from the office of Councilman Eric Garcetti, which opposed the height and density of a townhouse development on Echo Park Avenue, to find out if Council District 13 will weigh in during the public hearing.

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  1. To all the neighbors of Echo Park. We as the developer are not asking for your support to build bigger and taller then by right. In fact by right we can build more units then we are proposing, this articles facts are not true. For the record we are building below the required hight, its the # of stories that we are asking for your support.

    For example if hight limit is 67′, but allowed 4 stories we are asking for 5 stories in the same 67′ restriction hight on Sunset. What does it matter as long as we are in the same hight restriction. The reason we are doing this, to keep the front of the building on Elsinore St to 2 stories when by right we can build 4 stories. To accommodate the hight of all the buildings on Elsinore, we then are shifting some units to Sunset side in-order to make all the neighbors happy. Again we can build BY RIGHT higher then we are on Elsinore.

    Regarding the existing units that will be demolished, they are NOT low income they are being rented at market rate. They have nothing to do with the proposed 10 low income units. Please do not get miss led by what we are asking here.

    Parking, We have allocated more parking then needed. So no one will need to park on the street. We are allocating more parking on Sunset as well for people to park when they go shopping.

    What is BY RIGHT means: A building can be build with in the jurisdiction of the law.

    In conclusion we have tried to be as diligent as possible to stay with the aesthetics and charm of Echo Park. If we didn’t care we would of built it BY RIGHT and it would of been even bigger then the proposed development. So we ask you to understand again on what we are proposing to build. If the proposed building will not be acceptable then we will build what is by RIGHT and then it will be bigger.

  2. Al,
    The Height limit is 45 feet. You are asking for a discretionary action, that BY RIGHT, of SB 1818 you are allowed to ASK for-not guaranteeing approval. The lots are not in the Density Bonus Area (see plan amendment prior to final adoption). So, you can ask but not build BY RIGHT to go over 45 feet. The project is too tall, and dwarfs the surrounding 1 and 2 story modest homes, depriving them of light and privacy.


  3. Hmmm…

    Sounds like somebody is acting like a real jerk… BY RIGHT.

    Threats and intimidation and bullying are a time-honored way to get what you want…

    I wonder where this “AL” character lives and how he might feel about THE MONEY coming and pushing him around…

  4. Al-It seems very common for developers to emphasize what you can do BY RIGHT. Your last paragraph is a blatant threat. You aren’t making any friends talking like that…

  5. Al,
    Why would anyone in the neighborhood welcome your monstrosity,
    which would mean 60-120 extra cars clogging the streets daily?
    You developers have no concern for the harm you do, just
    your bottom line.

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