Echo Park musician singing the blues over stolen ukulele

The musician and Echo Park resident known by the name AM was loading his equipment into his car last week. After going into his home for the last load, AM returned to the vehicle to find something missing: an Ohana CK-10 ukulele. It’s the same ukulele that traveled with AM (pictured with the Ohana) this year during concert tours across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland and France, he said on his blog.  The Ohana made it back to Echo Park only to be stolen in the few minutes that AM left his car unattended.  The performer is now seeking help to get his Ohana back:

“On Friday, I was loading my gear into the back of my car. As I went inside to get the last load someone walked by and stole my ukulele. What, you can’t leave your car door open unattended in Echo Park? Seriously though, here is a pic of it. Ohana CK-10…if you happen to be near your local Los Angeles pawn or come across my stolen Uke on Ebay or Craigslist, please let me know.”

Photo by EvaBlue/AM Sounds


  1. No, of course you can’t leave your car door open and unattended in Echo Park, whatever led you to believe that you could?

    I’ve lived in the neighborhoods just out from downtown (to the east, south, west and now north) all my life, and can’t remember ever being able to do that anywhere I lived.

  2. judging from the “seriously though” that followed that line, i’m thinking it was a joke.

  3. I once left my car keys and empty reusable shopping bag on the stairs near the street while I went up the stairs to check something. I came back less than a minute later, and they were gone. After running down the street, I found a little old Mexican lady shuffling down the street with my things. She must have been 80 years old! Why!? I scolded her in Spanish and she just shrugged and walked off.

  4. I answered that same exasperated question back perhaps before AM was born when in the time of cassette tapes I once left the doors closed but the window down on my beat up ’65 Mustang and came back less than five minutes later to find my Walkman stolen. From the glove box. In a gated parking garage. In Beverly Hills.

  5. Even when I go back home to Yosemite area in Northern California, out in the middle of nowhere I lock my car. I lock it in my parent’s driveway – which sits on 3 acres of property with noone around. You just never know!

    Hope he finds it!

  6. let me get this straight….
    you’ve done concert tours across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland and France, your album made fortune’s top 100 of 2010 but you couldn’t figure out that you shouldn’t leave your shit unattended at night unlocked? Welcome to EP.

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