Highland Park keeps booming

Residents across Highland Park were startled last night by a big boom that rattled the neighborhood.  The loud noise was heard shortly before 10 p.m., according to several Highland Park residents.  Brian Thomas with the LAPD Northeast Division said this morning he had no information about the noise and had not heard of any reports of damage.  But Highland Park residents certainly heard and felt the boom. “My house shook,” said a woman who lives near Avenue 54 and Monte Vista Street.

Another resident named Michelle who lives near Avenue 57 and Benner Street said the one large sound left her dogs barking. A friend of hers who lives near Avenue 52 and York Boulevard also heard the boom.  She and others were trying to figure out who is responsible and earlier big booms. “It’s a curiosity,” said Michelle.

Highland Park residents last night’s boom sound and felt more like a bomb than noisy fireworks. Last March, a loud boom was also felt across the neighborhood, prompting the fire department to look for possible damage. They found no damage or explanation for the noise.


  1. Agh. Read that headline and expected something a lot more positive before I clicked through. I heard the boom too… definitely more like bomb that run of the mill fireworks. Definitely not a gun shot either.

  2. Sounded almost like a sonic boom.

  3. Anyone ever think that those would be like 1/4 sticks or 1/2 sticks of t.n.t.? I’m not speaking about firecrackers, or your run of the mill fireworks found south of the border, or outside our state. When your hear it, is there any smell left around in the air? Like when fireworks burn you know the distinct smell. Whats the air smell like when you go out? That’s for the people who actually *feel* the Boom. Feeling it and hearing it are 2 diff things, I’m sure a lot of people can hear it, but if your feeling it move or shake your house, then its pretty close I’d Imagine.

  4. buck the boom…any dirt on the shooting that occurred around 11pm last nite around 33rd & Isabel? definitely sounded murdery down the block last nite, helicopters and all.

  5. I saw it and heard it. It was from a very large firework right above the Avenue 52 and Granada area. There was a bright flash and then a loud boom which shook my house. When I looked outside I saw a cloud of smoke in the air. My money is on kids with fireworks as this kind of boom has happened before.

  6. I heard it in Hermon, didn’t sound like a firework and it was only one boom not multiple. But could be as the poster above says he witnessed, kids playing with fireworks.

  7. we heard the boom too and also heard the boom last month. it’s weird. it’s definately not fireworks.

  8. Shooting on ave 33 was an avenues gang member who decided to point his gun at cops, the cops shot at him an arrested him

  9. Yeah, cause gunfire makes houses shake.

  10. Hello – HP residents love their blackmarket fireworks. These are rockets that hurl a quarter sticks of dynamite into the air. These explosions can set off car alarms, rattle windows, possibly houses in a quarter block vicinity of its detonation. How do I know? I lived in Highland Park for twenty plus years – it’s correct vicinity name is Northeast Los Angeles.

  11. Was that the same sonic boom around 11 pm last night- January 3, 2011?
    It sounded twice in quick succession. If it’s fireworks- those are huge explosives, and we didn’t we see any display of sparkles.
    And if it’s dynamite, that’s scary…

  12. I also heard two booms January 3 at 11 pm. It followed by a strange noise that I’ll guess was burning propane, similar to a small jet engine.
    Some where on Ave 52 and Irvington.

  13. Another theory, in light of the recent earthquake swarm:


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