If Echo Park was a nail polish, what color would it be?

How about concrete gray?  That’s the color of “Echo Park,” one of the 12 new shades of nail lacquer introduced by American Apparel.  Marsha Brady, the company’s creative director, explains the nail polish color scheme – which include shades named Downtown, MacArthur Park and Malibu Green – in a statement:

“Echo Park, a new shade of concrete grey, and MacArthur Park, a muted mossy yellow, both reference neighborhoods where the company first opened stores and where many of its employees live. Others, like Trenchcoat and Army Jacket, are nods to iconic garments and their evocative, eponymous tones.”

It’s not clear what inspired American Apparel to associate the color gray with Echo Park. But the shade does resemble the paint used to cover much of the graffiti in the neighborhood.

Photo from American Apparel website


  1. They forgot Chancluda Purple, and Huarachura Verde, Vicious Violet, Ruca Anaranjada, Chuey Chocolate, Vata Negra, and Chistosa Roja, to name a few…

  2. I believe that gray paint is called “Lamppost Gray” by the City Public Work’s Dept.’s “Office of Community Beautification.” Another very common color used for paint-out is the creamy-yellowish “Palomino Beige” that you find on many of the bridges across the Arroyo Seco, but you’ll also find it used quite a bit to dodge out the heavy-duty tagging on the majestic trees in our Eastside city parks.

  3. Don’t you think it could be hot pink?

  4. Did anyone else notice her name is “Marsha Brady”?

  5. @ The Sweetest. Yes. Not sure if TV’s Marcia Brady would end up working at American Apparel.

  6. Major Fail ! They obviously don’t “get ” Echo Park . It should have been some shade of green for all the green in the neighborhood ! Or something more colorful like the neighborhood and its people are !

    I would never use grey to describe grey for Echo Park ,
    Not even after living here all my life ! EVER !

    Funny as hell post Eric ! Chancluda Purple ? I Love it ! Hilarious !

  7. Not only did they never open a store in MacArthur Park, I sincerely doubt their employees live there, though they may claim so.

  8. Obviously it’s named after that dingy soot that constantly covers everything in my apartment, no matter how many times I swiffer.

  9. I immediately thought of black with glitter, but only chipped nail polish. Perfect manicures belong on the Westside. I know this is not a call for entries, but how about “Lake Sludge” a brownish, oil-slick coating.
    Joseph, thanks for “Palomino Beige”. Classic. How do you know official LA City paint colors?

  10. . . . through the use, over the last 6-7 years, of several hundred gallons of each color — supplied by the City’s OCB — to paint out tagging in my home community (as part of our local “Clean Team” volunteer group).

  11. Is it water-based?

  12. Sorry, Dov Charney needs to be brutally beaten. Like right now.

  13. @Metro Mary – Echo Park deserves better than chipped nail polish. I think you meant “perfect manicures” in a derogatory way but I, for one, will not be slumming around with chipped polish. Beautiful nails should be for everyone.

  14. Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!!!
    Here’s a story,
    Of some ugly nail polish, ……..

  15. it is all part of the costs of becoming ICONIC

  16. “Many” of their employees live in MacArthur Park (aka Westlake)??? Ahahahahaha excuse me I just spit coffee all over the screen…

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