Not a good week for Echo Park car owners

An Echo Park resident named Dawn reports that her car was broken into early Saturday morning on Laguna Avenue near Echo Park Avenue, with Dawn losing prescription eyeglasses, car registration, GPS system and “random items like a mirror,” she said.  But Dawn was relatively lucky compared to at least six Echo Park residents whose vehicles were stolen last week.

During the same early morning hours Dawn’s car was broken into on Saturday, a vehicle was stolen a short walk away on the 1100 block of Laveta Terrace, according to the L. A. Times crime map. The day before,  Nov. 19,  another two vehicles  – near Echo Park Avenue and Sunset Boulevard and Glendale Boulevard and Montana Street – disappeared.   Earlier in the week, vehicles were stolen from the 1400 block of Lemoyne Street, the 1400 block of Kellam Avenue in Angeleno Heights and the 1800 block of Montana Street.

Dawn, who will be reporting her car break-in to police, provided more details about her incident:

“Parking is so hard now  that I parked on Laguna near Echo Park avenue    across from the church  corner.  I didn’t feel good about it there  and it’s such a bummer to know that corner is such a problem.”


  1. Well that’s part of the problem you see right there. She stated She didn’t feel good about it there. *always go with your gut feeling* I have lived next to this intersection since 1997, It has had its MANY shares of car break ins, as well as attacks on old people. Which I will say I helped catch a guy and put his ass in jail. My car was broken into 2 years ago on Thanksgiving!!!!
    SO much for being thankful! Usually if I am home I pay careful attention to the sounds of the street. I am always listening for people in distress and yes the sad sounds of breaking glass. Sorry for the long rant… and sorry about the car break ins.

  2. This is Ben Welsh, the developer of the LA Times crime site. Thanks for linking us in. I’d love to hear your opinions on the site and how it could be improved. Thanks.

  3. Yes, Cheeseburger is correct about break-ins on Laguna. A couple of years ago a friend had his car broken into 2X. There is another person who lives by me and her car was broken into 2X. With all the visitors coming to Echo Park, parking is a premium. I know that sometimes it feels like LAPD does not listen to our complaints but each of us has to be vigilant and report to LAPD when there is an occurrence. When we report to LAPD it is announced at roll call. If it is not announced then how are the officers going to know about the crime.

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