The owners of Silver Lake’s Spaceland go in search of new space

Spaceland, the nightclub that has been credited with raising the profile of the Eastside music scene, is moving out of its longtime home on Silver Lake Boulevard as longtime business partners go separate ways.  The Buzz Bands blog reports Spaceland Productions, the concert promotion company owned by Mitchell Frank, and venue owner Jeff Wolfram have ended their approximately 15-year relationship.  Spaceland on Silver Lake Boulevard will be renamed Satellite. Frank, who also books The Echo and EchoPlex in Echo Park,  will “open a new room for live music oriented to dance nights and DJs.” The location was not identified.

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  1. Dance nights? As a someone who is a neighbor of the venue, I hope I’m wrong in thinking the crowds will be rolling out much noisier than they do presently. Oy.

  2. Unfortunately you’re not wrong. I think when the change does come to the venue you’ll find out pretty quickly that the alt-country/lo-fi/indie rock/ hipster dregs that frequent Spaceland now are actually considerate and with manners compared to their annoying, inconsiderant and obnoxious hipster brethren sure to reside there to get their fix of whatever electronica garbage is being spun on “dance nights” there.

    Sorry, artie.

  3. I dont think you understand. Spaceland on Silver Lake bl. is going to remain pretty much the same as it is now. The only thing changing is the name. The “club” Spaceland, which is moving, is going to be the new Dance Club.

  4. @artie & DJ Bento Box:
    Just to calrify – Spaceland productions (Mitchell Frank, etc al) will be doing the djs/dance nights at a new venue TBA – not in the old Dreams/Spaceland venue on Silver Lake Blvd. So if you are a neighbor to what we have known as Spaceland it appears that it will be much like the old Spaceland, just with a new name. I wouldn’t worry about the crowds changing much. They are just going to be booking in-house, not through Frank’s “Spaceland” crew. The booker for Satellite (formerly Spaceland) will be Jen Tefft – who is great and booked many of the shows there over the years. (She left a year ago after booking there for a long time and is returning). So I don’t think you have to worry about the crowd changing and it becoming a nuisance.

  5. Phew! Thanks for the clarification, Rizzo!

  6. So, Mr. Frank and ‘Spaceland Productions’ also books for the Echo and The Echoplex?

    Is this why its the same cookie-cutter guitar bands throughout the eastside?

  7. Mitchell Frank owns the Echo, Echoplex and El Prado

  8. @Bento

    I take issue with lumping anyone who likes electronic music together into one “obnoxious, hipster crowd”. The douchey crowd that frequents the Hollywood house/techno clubs is different than the friendly, soul-loving crowd that might go to a deep house night at El Cid, which is different than the hipster crowd that might go to hear electro at a Hard or Mad Decent event, which is different than the candy raver teeny-bopper crowd that you’ll see at a rave, which is different than the producer/industry crowd that you’ll see at Low End Theory on any given Wednesday, etc.

    In other words, labeling the crowd ‘obnoxious’ for this club because they plan to have DJs makes no more sense than labeling a crowd obnoxious because their venue plans to play “guitar music”.

  9. UH , yeah Jeff .

    Same.” Cookie cutter ” bands like Os Mutantes , NIN , Gary Numan , Tom York , Janes Addiction ,Tom Tom Club , Harper Simon , Nancy Sinatra , Brian Wilson , Elliot SmitH , Beck , MIA , Death Cab for Cutie ,Question Mark and the Mysterians etc so on and so forth (blah blah blah .) , that I have enjoyed while visiting or working at spaceland which both , I did .

    Get out of your cookie cutter mentality , and enjoy ALL music
    And get out more !

  10. Maybe we could lobby the new Satellite management to host some hip-hop nights as well.


  11. Just so the world knows the new club Satellite is at Los Globos which they just closed the deal on. Yes Los Globos is going gringo.

  12. F THAT! Silverlake does not need hip-hop nights! If thats what your looking for your on the wrong side of town!

  13. @ CHRIS: don’t be racist, homes.

  14. I’m sure Chris was just offering helpful directions. “You appear to have made a wrong turn, good sir,” he’s saying. “I know of excellent hip-hop clubs, but they are sadly far from here.”

  15. yes the good hip hop nights are in the NYC far far away

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