What triggered Saturday night gunfire in Silver Lake?

LAPD police helicopter over Echo Park.Residents living near Silver Lake Boulevard and Marathon Street reported hearing a volley of gunshots Saturday at about midnight prompting LAPD squad cars to flood into the area as a police helicopter flew overhead.  One resident who lives on La Fayette Park Place said she called the LAPD Rampart Division Sunday morning and was told “someone was driving around shooting and there has been an arrest made.”  Another Silver Lake resident who lives near Silver Lake and Sunset boulevards said he and his neighbors “all heard a couple of shots, which sounded like they came from very close by, followed by a car speeding away, and then police cars and helicopters arriving shortly after.”

The Eastsider has contacted the LAPD Rampart Division for details.


  1. This is the first I’m hearing about it and I’m closer to the location than the resident on La Fayette. I must’ve been deeply involved in a food coma because I normally am not a sound sleeper — especially when it comes to gunfire so close. But I didn’t stir in the slightest Saturday night. Not from the shots, nor the sirens, nor the copter.

  2. I heard those shots. There were quite a few. Around 4 then a pause and then 2 then the car speeding away. Thanks so much for following up on this, Eastsider. We have a neighborhood watch here and I will pass along whatever you find out. Hopefully that neighbor was right and there was an arrest made. Ugh.

  3. Surprised you didn’t hear it, Will. It was a little before midnight and the helicopters were overhead around Silver Lake/Marathon and Sunset/Parkman within five minutes. They hovered for a while. I didn’t hear any sirens though.

  4. I live at Vendome & Marathon and definitely heard it…I think 3 shots, a pause, then 2 more shots and a car speeding away. We had just walked through the Silver Lake/Marathon intersection like 2 minutes before it happened…scary.

  5. I live on Occidental just north of Marathon and I heard the shots clearly as I was watching television. My cat started growling so there was not mistaking what I heard. The shots were followed by a car screeching around the corner and racing up Occidental. I was just reaching for the phone to make the call when I heard the helicopter and sirens. I spoke with a neighbor yesterday and she had been working on her computer at that time and she was sure it came from the alley behind the west side of the 600-700 block of Occidental. Her son is with the LAPD out of Rampart but just happened to be off that night (it’s his usual schedule) but he was going to get the details for her.

  6. I called 911 – I’m at Vendome and Silver Lake, and heard three shots that sounded like they were in front of my building, followed by a car speeding away. The chopper was there practically by the time I got off the phone. A friend at Parkman and Silver Lake went up on his roof and said he saw a ton of cop cars speed north on Silver Lake, splitting in different directions, before then taking off together in one direction. He heard the shots from his location, but said they sounded closer to my place.

  7. I too heard the volley of gun fire. Maybe 3-4 shots, followed by a car overreving it’s engine and peeling up marathon towards occidental than north to benton. Same result, bird, black and whites ect. I do know that the car was long gone by the time the police arrived, so I dont know how an arrest could have been made.

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